6 Oct

Bill Johnson (11 Dec 21): Spiritual Warfare

Steve Shultz: I know many are dealing with storms right now!

Kathi Pelton (07 Dec 21): Love binds wounds, Legalism cuts deep

Ryan Johnson (13 Dec 21): Sin is certainly to be understood as a breach.

Nate Johnston (09 Dec 21): I heard the Lord say “Don’t be confused or dismayed” because He has been UNTANGLING you in 2021 from every alliance and alignment that would trip you up in 2022.[1]

Ryan Johnson (13 Dec 21): When Isaiah defines the “ancient ruins” [Isa. 58:9-12], he is specifically speaking of regions that had been ruined by sin, and not a location that had become desolate because man was no longer present. Isaiah also describes how the age-old foundations will be raised up, referring to the fact that all the promises of God given in past years will now be brought to pass, because of a present move of God. Where the verse gets very interesting is how Isaiah describes those who are called to be The Repairer of the Breach, the restorer of the streets in which to dwell,’ proclaiming the people back to God’s Word.[2] 

Nate Johnston (28 Sept 21): He is closing doors in places you have been trying to settle out of haste.

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz (05 Dec 21): “I won’t say it makes me happy, but I trust that the Israel Security Agency will do its job,” Kahana said. “And I assure you that this will in no way stop me from doing important things for the State of Israel.”

Jo Ellen Stevens (08 Nov 21): The Lord said, “They have caused My people to retreat from moving without fear into their heavenly creativity. My people do not even realize that they have been trained to restrain themselves, like a dog on a chain that has been freed by its owner, but yet still stands in the place of the chains! But I say to you that THE GOVERNMENT SHALL NOT BE AS GOD TO MY PEOPLE, FOR I HAVE COME TO SET THEM FREE TO BE WHO I HAVE CREATED THEM TO BE!

Ascent of Safed (12 Dec 21): The 10th of Tevet is viewed as the beginning of the chain of events that culminated with the destruction of the Temple and the subsequent exiles, something that we have never fully recovered from, because even when the Second Temple was finally built, it never returned to its full glory.

[1] Nate Johnston (09 Dec 21): A letter for the new breed – He has been UNTANGLING you in 2021 – Nate & Christy: Everyday Revivalists (nateandchristy.co)

[2] Ryan Johnson (13 Dec 21): 2022: Repairers of The Breach | Ryan Johnson Ministries

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