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Working Dates: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 to Monday, April 19, 2021

[20 pages of reflective dialogue anchored in the lectionary readings from Acts 3:12-19 for 3 Easter 18 Apr 21]

Messiah Watch

Joe Joe Dawson (12 Apr 21): What Is God Doing?

Amy Sutherland (13 Apr 21): Where Is The Power?

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): No Idea

Wanda Alger (13 Apr 21): “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11 ESV)

Brat Journal (Friday, July 06, 2012): Jo, I can’t take much more weirdness!  Three Times [!] yesterday out of the blue God said, “Messiah Watch.”  I was given no clues for reference.  Again, it was the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning (and I woke up prematurely because Duke [†] was barking at 4:20 am; ah, more noise, ever more noise, and more noise…No sanctuary, some peace, and no quiet.)  I got up, as I understood that God was directing this madness, and did a keyword search: Messiah Watch.  …

Apostle Axel Sippach (17 Apr 21):  To bring reformation. Ready to see transformation. Ready to be part of the Breaking Open of a New Day where the light invades the darkness as the Kingdom of God invades and advances and they take territory for the King.

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): How do we begin to step into a place of accessing Isaiah 22:22? I believe that we have got to come into a place of revelation knowledge. In Luke 11:42-52, Jesus rebuked the scribes and Pharisees for all the different things they were doing that were legalistic and religious. [1]

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): A preacher I know once stopped short in the middle of her sermon, head down, silent. After several seconds, she looked up and said softly, “I have no idea what I’m talking about.”

Rev. Carlos de la Torre: “What legacy do you want to leave behind?”

The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen: Prior to ordination, I spent over a decade as a professional theatre artist. I worked as an actor, director, puppet builder/puppeteer, and improviser along with many other roles. Because my work was so varied, when people asked me what I specialized in, I simply said, “I’m a storyteller.”[2]

Brat: I would love to introduce you to Fr. George Daisa and Rev. Bonnie Rose.  They also have had similar experiences as you have had.

Steve Shultz: The stories you are about to read are true and the names have not been changed.

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): The message to all of us is how we judge ourselves and others.

Brat (in “Benefit of the Doubt” 06 Apr 21): In our censored world, where does our testimony find sanctuary, where others can see for themselves without fear of retribution and know the depths of God’s love for humanity in a world gaslit in vapors?

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): Maybe it would ring truer if we proclaimed the depth of the riches by silence and sighs as well as talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

Wanda Alger (13 Apr 21): I can’t help but think about the early disciples and a similar challenge they faced when trying to wake up the people of their nation. The religious leaders of their day were similarly concerned about all the noise they were making and were calling for the whole movement to be silenced. It was a respected Pharisee, Gamaliel, who suggested they leave them alone and let the results up to God.[3]

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): God wants to unlock things to us in the Spirit that no man can open.

Apostle Axel Sippach (17 Apr 21): They are part of the lineage of the great Kingdom men and women who have gone before them who have been part of the Epic Story of all Ages – His-Story!

Joe Joe Dawson (12 Apr 21): In the upcoming season, God is about to unveil His plans for His people and for the nations. If you ever think God is silent or still, you are mistaken! Learn to trust that even when we cannot see or sense what the Lord is up to, He is always up to something. When Scripture tells us not to walk by sight and not to lean on our own understanding it is because what we see or feel in the natural will almost always be a lie.[4]

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (16 Apr 21): Worry is humiliating. Trust is dignity.[5]

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): When a divine interruption takes place, you discover—to your amazement—that God is up to something new! Something you never expected. And you are finding out what is on Heaven’s agenda that was hidden up until now.[6]

Steve Shultz: What God has done in these stories are as real and even as important as most Bible stories. Whatever God does is, by itself, INSPIRED BY GOD.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (13 Apr 21): Even before I am aware of my thoughts, He has it all worked out. (Psalms 139:4 according to the Targum)

Divine Interruption

Lana Vawser (13 Apr 21): Have you felt a shift lately? I’ve heard the Lord say that it’s a new era, and He’s about to awaken His Church and purify His Bride unlike ever before. If you are ready to learn how to partner with God as He moves in unprecedented ways…

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): What Is a Divine Interruption?

Amy Sutherland (13 Apr 21): The Lord said to me yesterday many do not walk in the Spirit’s power because they refuse to walk through times of testing.[7]

Me to Amy Sutherland (14 Apr 21): Respectfully, I disagree with the opinion that many refuse to walk in the Spirit’s power through times of testing.  I believe we have been!  However, as in a marriage, it takes two to want a relationship.  The power drain comes from neglect, as revealed in our collective conversation: Benefit of the Doubt 06 Apr 21 | truthinus (  God’s been doing His best.  It’s man who keeps repeatedly dropping the ball when God gives us chance after chance to repair the damage.  The sacred in the ordinary is overlooked.  Then stalkers take God’s grace for granted when the truth fires become uncomfortable.  Then others come along later and beat us up for not being strong enough.  The Enablers are so bent on their war agendas that there is no room for mercy.  This is not representative of how the five-fold is supposed to work.

Rick Joyner (15 Apr 21): Our goal must be to see with the Lord’s eyes. He does not just see people as they are, but as they are called to be. His words and actions that express His love edify and call us higher. When something is hindering us from growing into what we are called to be, such as sin, love confronts and brings correction, but in a redemptive way for our good.[8]

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): I really believe that this is going to be the year of the open door, and that God is opening up things for us as a Church that we’ve not yet been able to enter into. We’re on the brink of seeing one of the most powerful moves of God, a revolution of His love, in the United States. But here’s the deal. I believe it’s going to come through the people of God. It’s going to come through the saints doing the work of the ministry because God is raising up an army in this season. It’s not just going to be about the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers doing everything while everybody watches. See, the Bible says that those giftings are given to equip the Church for the work of the ministry (see Ephesians 4:11-12).

Steve Shultz: God is using just regular ol’ folks, like you and me, to cast a great shadow on the world – to change people’s lives forever…and you are at the center of His stories!

Doug Addison (16 Apr 21): You don’t have to agree with what the person did; but when you let go of holding it against them, it gets you out of the prison of the pain they caused you. You don’t even have to contact them about it because you might get wounded all over again. Instead, talk to the Lord about it and forgive them in your heart. This will open the heavens over you![9]

Psalm 4:4 When you are disturbed, do not sin; ponder it on your beds, and be silent. Selah

Jennifer LeClaire (15 Apr 21): I was in a house that was unfamiliar to me. It wasn’t a large house, but it was crowded with people—overcrowded.

Brat (in “Benefit of the Doubt” 06 Apr 21): Sophia and I are certain that God is dealing with the Enablers right now.

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): The Mishna in Ethics of the Fathers tells us[9][10] to “give every person the benefit of the doubt.” [! – kh] But a more precise translation is that “one should judge the whole person as meritorious.” (“Heve dan es kol haAdam l’kaf zechus.”) Before you judge someone, you need to look at all the factors making up the person. You need to look at “kal haAdam,” at the entire human being, before you give a diagnosis. Never judge somebody without knowing the whole story and the whole person. You may think you understand, but you don’t. [11]

C.S. Lewis (1949): I find that when I think I am asking God to forgive me I am often in reality (unless I watch myself very carefully) asking Him to do something quite different. I am asking Him not to forgive me but to excuse me. But there is all the difference in the world between forgiving and excusing. Forgiveness says “Yes, you have done this thing, but I accept your apology, I will never hold it against you and everything between us two will be exactly as it was before.” But excusing says “I see that you couldn’t help it or didn’t mean it, you weren’t really to blame.”. . . [12]

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): Sometimes, like Jesus’ conversation with Thomas, our dialogue with Him is uncomfortable. He may gently admonish us. But be assured that in this moment, He is doing a great work. Jesus is adjusting you to the truth of His Word—He is setting you free! Newly found faith is pouring into your heart.

Jennifer Eivaz (15 Apr 21): What happens when you’re the first one to get away??[13]

Professor Dana L. Robert (2019): In most cultures, the idea of friendship is a powerful statement of relational identity. In Batak culture in Indonesia, for example, it is said that the loss of a friend is worse than the loss of one’s mother. Traditional Russian culture assumes it is better to have many friends than much money. In Confucian tradition, friendship is one of the basic relationships that undergirds society. For American Christians, being friends with Jesus tends to be personal. . . . Jesus is my friend. He carries my burdens.

Rabbi Shaul Leiter (15 Apr 21): Friend of Ascent and former fighter pilot Professor Shlomo Kalish spoke about a recent tragic event in which a F-16 plane crashed. Due to vertigo, the pilot became confused and was not able to distinguish in which direction he was flying. Professor Kalish explained that at elevated heights and fast speeds, even in the daytime, sea and sky look exactly the same. While it is natural to fly according to sense perception, much of a pilot’s training is to force him to rely on cockpit instruments. The pilots are repeatedly taught, especially in a case of doubt, to rely on the instruments. His conclusion was that each of us are in a similar situation today. Everything and everyone is moving so fast. It is often hard to tell what is up and what is down, what is right and what is wrong, or even where we are going. Our own natural perceptions of Heaven and earth often mislead us. It is imperative for each of us to rely on our “cockpit instruments”- the teachings of our holy Torah. When in doubt, fly by the instruments!

Psalm 4:6 There are many who say, “O that we might see some good! Let the light of your face shine on us, O LORD!”

Fr. Richard Rohr (16 Apr 21): In essence, he [Richard of St. Victor (1110–1173)] said, for God to be good, God can be one (but we always have doubts about a lone monarch). For God to be loving, God has to be two, because love is always a relationship of giving and receiving. The real breakthrough comes when Richard of St. Victor says that for God to be joy-filled and happy, God has to be three. [1][14] Delight comes, he says, from two together enjoying and rejoicing in the same thing at the same time. It is like new parents loving their new child that they cannot stop admiring. The love then flows in an eternal circle instead of back and forth between two. Each of the three takes their part in revving the engine of desire and delight.

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): So, what is a divine interruption? To interrupt means to break into the course of something…it may be a conversation, an event, or progress. You are in the middle of something when, suddenly, an unexpected interruption takes place! During a “divine interruption,” the one who is interrupting you is God!

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): The moment she was overcome with a searing awareness that she was out of her depth.

Christina Villa (17 Apr 21): I think of this as a non-divine example, a humble illustration for the rest of us, of what Jesus meant about being a servant to be great. How can you be “first” and a “slave” at the same time, “great” and also a “servant”? I don’t know, but as usual, Jesus is right.

Integrated Approach

Elijah List (16 Apr 21): Face it, you’re stuck.

Christina Villa (17 Apr 21): Dear God, help me question all my resentments and remember nobody likes a martyr. Amen.

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): Sometimes in life it may seem as though we are stuck in a cycle of endless “play and repeat.” We find that Jesus has been waiting for us…expecting us. “Give Me a drink,” He says. And then, in a moment of divine interruption, everything changes. You never knew that on one word from Jesus, the whole of your life could turn. Now, you realize with wonder, He has come for you! Jesus knows you. God loves you. And He has a mission that only you can do.

Psalm 4:3 But know that the LORD has set apart the faithful for himself; the LORD hears when I call to him.

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): One of the great rabbis of the last generation offered a magnificent explanation. As it turns out, the origins of what we call today “holistic medicine” and the “integrated approach” are in the Torah.

Apostle Axel Sippach (17 Apr 21): There’s a New Breed arising. I also call them the “Young Guns.” They are radical – armed and dangerous! They come “packing.”

The Magnificent Seven: []

Brat: There were Seven Churches!!

Jennifer LeClaire (15 Apr 21): I kept on watching. In this congested home full of Christians, people were running to and fro, doing I do not know what. The entire house was buzzing with activity, almost as if they were preparing for something. I could not see the faces of these hectic herds.

Rev. Carlos de la Torre: While no interviewer ever asked Jesus what legacy he wanted to leave behind, the question of legacy — what Jesus sought to leave behind — is an important theme in Jesus’ post-resurrection accounts. Jesus does not seem concerned with what the masses will have to say about him – rather, Jesus is concerned with what his disciples will know and believe, and what they will do in his name.[15] 

Jacqueline Renee Simmons (17 Apr 21): While on the road traveling from one destination to the next, I heard Holy Spirit say, “I am leading you into “uncharted territories that will be open to you where others could not go.” Uncharted” means “unmapped” or “unexplored,” so the expression meaning “to explore a new subject or area” is “enter uncharted territory. He says “trust my leading you with a yes even when you don’t know what direction you’re going. Allow Holy Spirit to chart your course and ferry ⛴you into new places. Rest peacefully knowing that He knows how to lead you off the map of the unknown! Have unshakable faith in this hour. He will lead you with accelerated ease, agility and speed.

Donna Rigney (16 Apr 21): “Church will never return to the way it used to be conducted. My glory will invade those places where I am truly worshiped. Some of those places will be within the walls of the Church and some will be in homes and in other buildings and even on the streets of your cities. I cannot be contained in the walls of the building and won’t be found where other gods are worshiped.

Professor Dana L. Robert (2019): But a cross-cultural perspective on Jesus as friend says a lot about the meaning of community. For friendship always goes both ways. It requires mutuality. It involves give and take. . . . Since Jesus is holding hands with the world, so to speak, then intimacy with Jesus extends far beyond personal needs. To befriend Jesus means carrying in fellowship the responsibilities of friendship that he carried. . . .[16]

Pastor Vanessa Russell (09 Apr 21): [Pray] For Understanding for the conditions of the people in my community.

Amy Sutherland (13 Apr 21): The Gospel has never been weak – but the Church and it’s Body are weak when we do not allow the perfect power-filled Word to test us. We do not have endurance because our faith hasn’t been tested. (James 1:2-4). We settle for comfort, and complain God has not “done” for us. The fruit is immaturity that tastes not the sweetness of the Vine.

Wanda Alger (13 Apr 21): “So in this situation, you should just leave these people to themselves. For if this plan or undertaking originates with men, it will fade away and come to nothing. But if this movement is of God, you won’t be able to stop it. And you might discover that you were fighting God all along!” (Acts 5:38-39 TPT)

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (16 Apr 21): To worry is to worship the world, to fall on your knees in dread and grovel before it.

Rick Joyner (13 Apr 21): It is noteworthy that the fruit of The Spirit is singular, not plural. There are not nine fruits of The Spirit, but one, with nine characteristics. They all work together and cannot be separated. For example, our goodness and kindness must be done in love, faith, and patience.… We have been commanded by Jesus to: “But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you” (Luke 6:27-28).

Christina Villa (17 Apr 21): I felt excluded and taken for granted: a martyr to everyone else’s good time.

Professor Dana L. Robert (2019): In the context of worldwide community, being friends with Jesus is hard work. For when followers of Jesus walk beside him, he leads them in directions they would rather not go, into neighborhoods they would rather avoid, and to meet other friends of his they might not normally know. As the Scriptures and history show, to be a friend of Jesus means loving others just as he does.

Jewish Voice (16 Apr 21): As God led Jewish Voice to minister to the “Lost Tribes of Israel” in Africa, beginning in 1999, we invited you to partner with us. And you have faithfully stood with us through your giving and prayers. You are changing lives in the name of Jesus and reaching some of the most spiritually neglected communities in the world.[17]

Fr. Richard Rohr (17 Apr 21): Christian mission begins with friendship—not utilitarian friendship, the religious version of network marketing—but genuine friendship, friendship that translates love for neighbors in general into knowing, appreciating, liking, and enjoying this or that neighbor in particular. —Brian McLaren

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): When a divine interruption takes place, we realize it is not time for business as usual. Instead, it is time to pay attention to what God is doing, for there is “breaking news” from Heaven. God is revealing what He has meant to do all along.

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): Like Samuel, God wants to put an anointing upon us so that when we speak the words of God there is life on them, and those words don’t fall to the ground. They come to pass, and people begin to listen to the Church. This is going to be a year when God restores His voice to the Church. Some of you might say, “How does He restore His voice?” We will have a voice when God restores His supernatural power and begins to release His glory—when the goodness of the Lord is seen.


The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen: As you prepare to preach this or any text, I invite you into an imaginative process that brings the text to life. For me, I have the most fun when I do this with others. It may feel silly, but gather a group of adults, make costumes from things lying around the office, and act this scene out. Through imagination, empathy, and incarnational living of the Scriptures, you may find that their meaning becomes deeper, and they will become part of your physical reality as a baptized member of Christ’s own body.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (13 Apr 21): Trusting in the One Above doesn’t mean waiting for miracles.[18]

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): …When I got to the end of the meeting, much to my surprise, the Lord told me, “I don’t want you to move in miracles because I want to prove to these people that I am God; I want to confirm My word.”

Fr. Richard Rohr (13 Apr 21): As a Franciscan, I have always been curious about the fruitful friendship between Francis of Assisi and his female companion Clare. They were not lovers, yet they were deeply devoted to one another, built their orders together, and turned to one another for support and wisdom. My friend Mirabai Starr offers a vignette based on tales about Francis and Clare, and shows a mutual friendship built on their shared dedication to Christ

Deacon Brenton Cordeiro: Growing up in a wealthy family in Assisi, Italy, Francis led a life characterized by pride and sin as a young man. While his journey to repentance and conversion unfolded over several stages, a pivotal moment occurred one day while Francis was praying before a crucifix at a run-down church. He heard Christ speak to him from the crucifix: “Francis, go and rebuild my Church.”[19]

Fr. Richard Rohr (16 Apr 21): God as Friendship

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): The trajectory of your life is about to change.

Pastor Vanessa Russell (09 Apr 21): Please join me as we “BUILD” by praying

Pastor Fah (14 Apr 21): Join us today as we look into the scriptures and receive instruction from the Lord Jesus regarding the purpose of His Church. He said He would build it and that the gates of hell would not prevail against it! As a pastor the Church is my favorite subject, so let’s be renewed and encouraged and allow the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into us as we look to Him together as his beautiful bride. 

Acts 3:14 But you rejected the Holy and Righteous One and asked to have a murderer given to you,

Jennifer LeClaire (15 Apr 21): The Plumb Line: Prophetic Dream: The Unleashing of Jezebel’s Daughter

Wanda Alger (13 Apr 21): “Blessed is the man (nation) who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.” (Psalms 1:1-2)

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): He’d always distrusted the glib way religious people—right, left, and center—speak of the Holy, as if they were God’s press secretaries emerging from the briefing room with verbatim notes to report out the divine mind. He had no idea, either, but he’d never heard anyone in church admit it.

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): Luke 11:52 tells us about a key—the key of knowledge. If we are going to operate with the key of David, which is the governmental authority of God, then we need another key, the key of revelation knowledge, to enable us to see into what God the Father is doing and hear what He is saying. That key draws us into greater intimacy with Jesus and empowers us to stand up against not just the demonic principalities and powers, but the religious spirit that still exists in Christian circles. Luke 11:52 says:

“Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered.”

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): Before I can pronounce a person as impure, I need to see the person, not only the problem. Do I know how to recognize the difference between evil and trauma? Between selfishness and fear? Between being bad and being wounded?

Joe Joe Dawson (12 Apr 21): When God unveils what He is doing in our cities and nations, all the world will have to stop and acknowledge the power and presence of God. I truly believe God is about to release a revival and awakening that will be poured out worldwide. In the midst of national calamity or moral decay, God has always used those seasons to raise up reformers out of His remnant. I believe God is raising up champions for the Kingdom of God in this season.

Apostle Axel Sippach (17 Apr 21): They take their place, summoned by the Spirit of God, answering the call, and chosen by the King to participate in the purposes He has for a chosen generation that has been summoned upon the stage of world history for this time.

1 John 3:1 See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and that is what we are. The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen: Furthermore, Peter names another vital character in this scene: “The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, the God of our ancestors” (Acts 3:13). God not only acts within this story, but the nature of God—which God; whose God—becomes known in this familial description.

Acts 3:13 The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, the God of our ancestors has glorified his servant Jesus, whom you handed over and rejected in the presence of Pilate, though he had decided to release him.

Amy Sutherland (13 Apr 21): Maturity is not how much you “know”, maturity is how much you yield. Mature sons and daughters yield to the leading of testing and pruning. The Holy Spirt led Jesus into the wilderness to be tested and 40 days later He came out “armed with the Holy Spirit’s power”. Where is the power? It will be given to you to the degree that you yield to the Holy Spirit.

Jewish Voice (16 Apr 21): People don’t care what you know until they know that you care

Pastor Vanessa Russell (09 Apr 21): The last 12 months were difficult for most of us. I run an anti-human-trafficking organization and can’t help noticing that the experiences of everyday people have become similar to the trafficked, homeless and impoverished.[20]

Mirabai Starr (2013): When Francis felt most alone in the world, most persecuted and misunderstood, it was Clare he would turn to for clarity, wisdom, and a love stripped of sentimentality. “All I want is to live as a hermit and love my Lord in secret,” he confessed to her. “And yet I am moved to preach the gospel of holy poverty in the world. What should I do?”[21]

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (15 Apr 21): Relax. Trust Him. He runs an entire universe.

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): The moment it struck her that when it comes to the Mystery, neither she nor anyone else on the face of the earth has the faintest clue.

Clare did not equivocate: “God did not call you for yourself alone, but also for the salvation of others.” [2][22]

Staring Look

Community of Divine Love (14 Apr 21): “The life that I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place and time my touch will be felt.” ~FREDERICK BUECHNER

Brat: Since you know that, why didn’t you bother to write me back?

Pastor Vanessa Russell (09 Apr 21): Pray for all who feel alone or forgotten in your community, and ask God to reveal ways to reach out and touch others in this season of isolation. 

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): The moment when she, who’d been nattering away like a person who knows things, was so mortified by her impudence that she couldn’t go on.

Jennifer LeClaire (15 Apr 21): It was as if the Holy Spirit picked me up and transported me in the Spirit to a faraway place, into an event already in progress.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (15 Apr 21): Sometimes you see that things have been taken out of your hands and are following a supernatural order.

Steve Cleary (18 Apr 21): The “Insanity” of God

Brat: [Chew lip.] But, this insane kind of grinding SILENCE for thirteen years from God’s people causes me physical pain.

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): Don’t Only Look at the Disease; See the Person

Brat: I do.  Why can’t you?

Mirabai Starr (2013): Toward the end of his life, when the brotherhood had burgeoned so quickly that it threatened to implode, Francis’s physical health mirrored the disease spreading through his community. Wracked by unrelenting pain in his joints and flesh, and nearly blind, the forty-four-year-old ascetic took refuge in a hermitage adjoining the convent of the Poor Clares at San Damiano [where Clare lived and died].

Brat: I know how Francis felt, as I have been experiencing the same pain while I witness my community!

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): The verse states: “The Kohen shall look at the affliction on the skin of his flesh… the Kohen shall look at it and make him impure.” Why is the same phrase repeated? The Torah should have said: “The Kohen shall look at the affliction on the skin of his flesh… and make him impure.” Why does it say again, “the Kohen shall look at it?”[3][23]

Charisma (17 Apr 21): Who will rescue the dying man?

Brat: Have you ever wondered if maybe the priests staring at the wounds were the ones making him impure?  After all, even Jesus talked about how the Levites and the Priests looked at the abused man lying in the road and walked around him, so as to not to make themselves impure. (Luke 10:30-32) I have found that someone staring at me can make me feel ashamed and impure, even though I have nothing to be ashamed about.  I know others can feel that way, too.  It’s like feeling over-conscientious when a cop pulls up behind you when you’ve been obeying the law, but you don’t know if they’re out to fulfill their daily quota at your expense, so involuntarily shame rises to your face.  In an opposite scenario, another person may also stare at me, but if they look at me with a soft eye and a heart of compassion, my own heart will reflect their kindness.

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): There are two types of educators and teachers. Some just see the rules and the deviations of the rules, but others can just peer into the heart and see a soul.

Acts 3:12 When Peter saw it, he addressed the people, “You Israelites, why do you wonder at this, or why do you stare at us, as though by our own power or piety we had made him walk?

Sermons That Work (14 Apr 21): Custom Movers has been moving Episcopal clergy to new ministries since 1982 (sponsored)

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): She finessed the awkward moment with a joke, finished, and sat down. Afterwards, nobody mentioned it. Except one astute parishioner who told her that when she’d said, “No idea…,” he’d wanted to shout, “Hooray! The truth at last!”

Bible Gateway (16 Apr 21): When did you last consider the Bible’s book of Revelation to be a wellspring of hope? Or have you always seen it as a declaration of judgment amidst confusing imagery? Of all the books of the Bible, Revelation is the one people seem to be the most afraid to study. They describe it in such terms as terrifying, mysterious, apocalyptic, and perplexing. ssed.  Bible Gateway interviewed Margaret Feinberg about her teaching video, Revelation: Extravagant Hope (Zondervan, 2021), part of the Beautiful Word Bible Study Series.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (14 Apr 21): But when others come with their troubles, telling them they should rejoice in their afflictions can be callous and even cruel.

Psalm 4:2 How long, you people, shall my honor suffer shame? How long will you love vain words, and seek after lies? Selah

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): He said, “I am removing shame from the generations. I am changing the story you tell from now on!”

Doug Addison (16 Apr 21): There is a better way to go. Speaking and acting out of kindness, compassion and forgiveness will activate your ability to hear God and to love. All these principles are tied together! Most of us know what it means to be kind or to have compassion for someone. But for many people, forgiveness can be mysterious and difficult.

C.S. Lewis (1949): Real forgiveness means looking steadily at the sin, the sin that is left over without any excuse, after all allowances have been made, and seeing it in all its horror, dirt, meanness and malice, and nevertheless being wholly reconciled to the man who has done it.

Donna Rigney (16 Apr 21): “Repentance will be commonplace among My children. Once evil is exposed, many will run into My open arms, fall at My feet and repent for their part in the spread of wickedness in this world. Tears of sorrow will change to tears of rejoicing, as forgiveness is granted immediately and with it great restoration and deliverance.[24]

Wanda Alger (13 Apr 21): Before some folks get knocked off their hi-horse like Saul and get confronted by a voice from heaven (see Acts 9:3-4), perhaps a second look would be in order. For those concerned with all the noise these revolutionaries are making, perhaps we need to heed Gamaliel’s advice. If it’s motivated by human agenda, it will have no power to change anything and will eventually fade away. But, if it is Spirit-inspired and fueled by heaven – nothing will change it, and nothing can stop it. What side of history you’ll stand on, is up to you.

Fr. Richard Rohr (16 Apr 21): When I read Richard of St. Victor, it reminded me of a dilemma I faced when I first started becoming rather well-known. (Forgive me if that sounds arrogant!) There were a lot of people who wanted to get close to me and be my friend. I asked myself, how do I allow all these would-be friends? I realized that the people I really loved with great abandon and freedom were not just people who loved me, but people who also loved what I loved.

Incarnational Understanding

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (16 Apr 21): To trust is to lift up your eyes and stand as tall as the heavens. To live with nothing else but the bond between G‑d above and you below.

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): From our perspective, this encounter—and what unfolds from it—is unforeseen! And yet when we look back, we can see the signs…a word here, a promise there…that prophetic calling you had long given up on.

Christina Villa (17 Apr 21): But somehow, over the years, I gradually stopped feeling like a servant, even though I was still doing all the same things. No sermon or advice about responsibility from my elders would have worked this magic. It was only doing it, over and over again, year after year, that turned being a “servant” into something I didn’t mind being.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (14 Apr 21): Keep your trust in G‑d for yourself.

Dutch Sheets (15 Apr 21): Lord, overshadow me with Your presence. Help me, in turn, cast my shadow over those whom You choose. Give me creative ways to do this when there are still areas where social distancing is in effect. Help me not be bashful or intimidated, but give me boldness to speak and act as Holy Spirit guides me.[25]

Wanda Alger (13 Apr 21): If we want our nation to be blessed, we are instructed to avoid the counsel and advice of wicked men. We are not to stand alongside their twisted agendas or godless plans concerning our future. We become guilty by association when we simply go along with their deception. Worse yet, when we refuse to take a stand against their darkened plans, we can come under the same spirit of ridicule and scorn that fuels their agendas. Before long, we are no better than they are when we ridicule and criticize those who are simply pursuing the truth.

Rick Joyner: The material on TV is called “programming” for a reason; it’s designed to program us as we sit passively in our seat. – Douglas Rushkoff  

Israel365 Video Manager (15 Apr 21): On Israel’s 73rd Independence Day, a new video released by the World Mizrachi movement reveals ten living prophecies written in the Bible that are coming true today in 2021.[26]

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): It’s not that we don’t know or can’t say anything true about God. There are things we do know, things we rightly stake our lives on. But they are few. Maybe God-talk would feel more honest if it were equally modest.

Brat (in “Benefit of the Doubt” 06 Apr 21): …My sharing then becomes more fodder for your sharing to your platform, while my desolation deepens in the abomination.  I never doubted his prophetic clarity and truth.  My cry along with the anchorites of old is for courtesy.

Mirabai Starr (2013): There, near to the woman who knew his soul and loved him with a perfect love, and enfolded in the sacred sounds and smells of the creation, Francis composed his ecstatic hymn, “The Canticle of The Sun.”

Revelation 19:17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, “Come, gather together for the great supper of God,

Jerame Nelson: “An Angel Appeared at Starbucks & Handed Me Kingdom Keys!”

Vicki Kemper (18 Apr 21): The Risen Christ is your least favorite, most annoying, always-hungry acquaintance. Do you have anything to eat?

Rev. Carlos de la Torre: While legacies are concerned with how an individual’s past achievements continue to have an echoing effect, covenants are a binding agreement, a pledge that continues to have a tangible effect. Jesus’ covenant is not a brief note in a score, but the final movement that captures the whole work. It is through this covenant that all of humanity is able to hear the sweet sounds of salvation.

1 John 3:2 Beloved, we are God’s children now; what we will be has not yet been revealed. What we do know is this: when he is revealed, we will be like him, for we will see him as he is.

The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen: This incarnational understanding of Holy Scripture certainly informs today’s Gospel reading, and I would argue that it should inform all readings of the Bible. Drawing on my own experiences as a theatre artist and techniques I learned from David Rhoads, Joanna Dewey, and Donald Michie in their book, Mark as Story,[1][27] I often begin the study of any pericope by writing out the characters and the setting. When I begin thinking about these stories in a realized, incarnational way, I often glean new information that not only informs my preaching/teaching but allows me to experience and internalize the Bible in an intimate way.

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): Don’t try to win arguments; try to help people.

Doug Addison (16 Apr 21): We need to be careful to stay out of arguments and complaining over politics, religion and differences of opinion. Right now, behind the wheel of your car. Right now, in how you’re acting on social media. Right now, in how you treat your kids. Get the idea?

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (15 Apr 21): At this point, let go of the steering wheel. Just do your best at what you have to do
—and stay out of G‑d’s way.

C.S. Lewis (1952): The more we get what we now call ‘ourselves’ out of the way and let Him take us over, the more truly ourselves we become. There is so much of Him that millions and millions of ‘little Christs’, all different, will still be too few to express Him fully. He made them all. He invented— as an author invents characters in a novel—all the different men that you and I were intended to be. In that sense our real selves are all waiting for us in Him. It is no good trying to ‘be myself’ without Him. The more I resist Him and try to live on my own, the more I become dominated by my own heredity and upbringing and surroundings and natural desires. In fact what I so proudly call ‘Myself’ becomes merely the meeting place for trains of events which I never started and which I cannot stop. What I call ‘My wishes’ become merely the desires thrown up by my physical organism or pumped into me by other men’s thoughts or even suggested to me by devils. Eggs and alcohol and a good night’s sleep will be the real origins of what I flatter myself by regarding as my own highly personal and discriminating decision to make love to the girl opposite to me in the railway carriage. Propaganda will be the real origin of what I regard as my own personal political ideas. I am not, in my natural state, nearly so much of a person as I like to believe: most of what I call ‘me’ can be very easily explained. It is when I turn to Christ, when I give myself up to His Personality, that I first begin to have a real personality of my own.[28]

In-House Conversation

Pastor Vanessa Russell (09 Apr 21): [Pray] For strength to Be present in my community in this time of trouble.

Brat: My community (aka tribe) totally dissed me, so I seek to see where the Holy Spirit is leading the greater conversation.  That is how I am being present.

Pastor Karl Hester (18 Apr 21): The agents of sadness—sin, death, and the devil as Martin Luther put it—beset us. God knows what seeks after us and protects us as precious and vulnerable sheep. The good shepherd knows his sheep by name, gladly gives his life to deter the wolves, leaves the flock to go after the loner stuck in the wilderness, and returns with gladness and joy when that one has been safely returned.

Brat: I have no pastors or rabbis that honestly “Follow” my blog.  I have one friend who is a prophet that subscribes, but she’s raising two toddlers and doesn’t have time to read it.  It is by God’s grace that I am still alive and sane in this on-going isolation (as addressed in “Benefit of the Doubt”)!  This protection in and of itself is my testimony of Jesus as the Good Shepherd!

Dr. Luisa Johnson (in “Benefit of the Doubt” 06 Apr 21): Kathryn, may God give you a glimpse of your reach and your obedience and somewhere give you a sense of your purpose.

Brat: Thank you.

Quin Sherrer with Jamie Buckingham: By inviting God’s abiding presence to overshadow and help us, we can make a difference in the lives of many people. Who knows when you may discover a result of your “shadow ministry” – one that may totally surprise you. You go along doing what you always do. Then boom! Someone tells you how your life impacted him or her, and you had no idea.

Fr. Richard Rohr (18 Apr 21): God is not bound by our commonly held presumption that humans are the center of everything. Creation did not actually demand or need Jesus (or us, for that matter) to confer additional sacredness upon it. From the first moment of the Big Bang, nature was revealing the glory and goodness of the Divine Presence; it must be seen as a gratuitous gift. Jesus came to live in its midst, and enjoy life in all its natural variations, and thus be our model and exemplar. Jesus is the gift that honored the gift, we might say.

Pope Francis: Evangelize by Example, Not Pushing Your Faith on Others

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): Jesus came to the earth for a purpose: to seek and save that which was lost (see Luke 19:10). So many of us get confused because we’ve got a lot of evangelists running around saying that Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost. That’s not what the Word says. It says Jesus came to seek and save “that which was lost.” In this verse, Jesus was talking about the authority [!] that Adam lost in the Garden when he sinned.

Revelation 12: 10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

“Now have come the salvation and the power
    and the kingdom of our God,
    and the authority [!] of his Messiah.
For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,
    who accuses them before our God day and night,
    has been hurled down.

Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch: To fool the world is one thing,
but to fool yourself is no big deal.

You’re a fool for wanting to fool yourself
—and anyone can fool a fool.

The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen: Synthesizing this analysis, we see that we have an entirely Jewish cast in a Jewish setting. As theologian Willie James Jennings remarks, “Peter speaks to his people. This is an in-house conversation. We have lost the sense and struggle of this family argument.”[2][29] Utilizing the actor’s tool of imagining how something must feel as we draw upon our own experiences, most of us know what it’s like to be in a family feud. Most of us know what it’s like to be in a church argument. Anyone who has served on a vestry/church council/leadership board, has certainly experienced or can imagine the awkwardness and sometimes pain of disagreement and the effects those have on the community. Likewise, we can imagine the healing that comes from acknowledging our histories and turning toward our communal, life-giving goals.

Jennifer LeClaire (15 Apr 21): It was almost like a college party house where the living room was over capacity but nobody seemed to mind. Everyone was enjoying themselves, but I could not discern the occasion. I wasn’t sure what they were celebrating.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (14 Apr 21): When things don’t go so well, tell yourself it is all really for the good, and rejoice in however G‑d treats you.

Rick Joyner: The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. – George Bernard Shaw

Donna Rigney (16 Apr 21): “My Bible has lost its significance to My children; this is why they are enduring so many problems. My Word warns My children of what the enemy’s plans are; it is a mighty weapon against all his schemes and stops them before they are launched; it is a source of guidance, wisdom and revelation. To be led by My Spirit, away from certain harm, into the path of success, joy, fulfillment and truth – [this] is what meditating on My Word does for My children.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (14 Apr 21): “For yourself, trust in G-d.  For others, give a hand.”[30]

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): Maybe people would trust it more if it were diffident, if it left some things blank.

Rabbi YY Jacobson (15 Apr 21): “You are probably wondering,” concluded the Rebbe, “why I waited this long to respond to your remarks on the matter. But my job in life is not to win arguments. My job is to bring Jews closer to the Torah and its mitzvot.”

Pastor Vanessa Russell (09 Apr 21): Now that things are reopening, it’s important that we don’t just “go back to normal.” Instead, let us empathetically recognize that it is not just businesses that need restoration, but also people (Neh. 5). Let us sacrificially give to others, that they might know the hope to which God has called them.

The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen: Let’s explore this method using today’s first lesson from Acts. This pericope has a deeply rooted and horrific history of interpretation that allows Christians to blame Jews for the death of Jesus. This kind of hatred has led to senseless, cruel, and theologically unsound violence against Jews in movements such as the Inquisition and the Holocaust. Preachers/teachers today have an ethical responsibility to condemn such an interpretation, and I believe this method of narrative analysis helps us do that.

Wanda Alger (13 Apr 21): I am certainly not suggesting that every conspiracy claim is true or that every challenge has merit. The ongoing issues require each of us to do our own homework and give prayerful consideration to the facts. But, if we’re going to have any corporate authority against the demonic agendas in our nation, perhaps we need a reminder of the requirements necessary for God’s blessing to fall.

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): Jesus was bringing a rebuke to the religious leaders of His day because they opposed having true relationship with God in the Spirit. They would rather follow legalistic traditions and practices of man than have real relationship with God. They hindered people from seeing and hearing from God. Religious people are not bothered when we read the Word or say a little prayer, but the minute that power starts to show up, or we see an angel, or God gives us a dream or vision, or we begin to take ground in the spirit, that’s when religious people say, “I don’t know if this is of God.”

Acts 3:15 and you killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses.

The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen: If Jesus establishes a physical reality and relationship between the Hebrew Bible and the Gospels, it follows that this physical reality continues through all Christian witness from the Christian Scriptures, through the history of Christianity, and into our present reality. We who have been baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection live an incarnational continuation of this story until our own ascension with Christ.

Fr. Richard Rohr (18 Apr 21): The true and essential work of all religion is to help us recognize and recover the divine image in everything. It is to mirror things correctly, deeply, and fully until all things know who they are. A mirror by its nature reflects impartially, equally, effortlessly, spontaneously, and endlessly. It does not produce the image, nor does it filter the image according to its perceptions or preferences. Authentic mirroring can only call forth what is already there.

Revelation 2:19 I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first.

Dutch Sheets (15 Apr 21): Just as You did with Mary, hover over me until I carry Your presence. I want to radiate the power of Holy Spirit in such strength that lives are changed and Christ is formed in people. Remind us daily, Father, that we are Him here.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (13 Apr 21): It means having confidence in what you are doing right now.

Apostle Axel Sippach (17 Apr 21): Identify them. Love them. Father them. Encourage them. Empower them. Equip them. Send them.

God’s Messiah

Revelation 3:“To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:

These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): It is as if He is pointing to you and saying, “There’s one who’s faithful. There’s one whom I can anoint. There is one I want to release My keys to who will unlock the doors to the authority and power of Heaven. Will you accept My keys? Will you come and gather them from the deep places of intimacy with Me, and reach out for them on the high places of My Kingdom? Then turn the lock in the door and unleash a revolution that the world longs to see—a revolution of My love?”

Acts 3:16 And by faith in his name, his name itself has made this man strong, whom you see and know; and the faith that is through Jesus has given him this perfect health in the presence of all of you.

Pastor Steve Dittmar (13 Apr 21): The name of Jesus is the atmosphere of heaven, the authority of God, and all salvation. “Jesus” means “salvation.” His name is salvation, healing, and deliverance. When we continually offer this sacrifice of praise to God, that is, confessing His name out loud into our lives and circumstances, we do so to the glory of God. The glory of God is in the face of Jesus (2 Corinthians 4:6), and so saying His name, we move into Christ and His glory.

Acts 3:17 “And now, friends, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did also your rulers.

Elijah List (13 Apr 21): “Jesus, help”

Pastor Steve Dittmar (13 Apr 21): This simple practice of the heart and mouth can change any atmosphere because it is Jesus who saves. Saying His name at home, at work, while driving, in trouble, and at rest brings His kingdom and reign into the atmosphere. This week let’s spend many moments returning our heart and our mouth to God in the sacrifice of praise confessing Jesus name.[31]

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (13 Apr 21): He invests in you and He trusts in you. And you should, too.

Rev. Carlos de la Torre: So, what does this covenant demand of us?

Mirabai Starr (2013): Clare gave up everything to be with Francis, to live as he lived, to see the face of the Divine in the faces of the poor and the oppressed and to love them as he loved them. “Her goal in life,” says Robert Ellsberg about Saint Clare, “was not to be a reflection of Francis but to be, like him, a reflection of Christ.” [1][32]

Acts 3:18 In this way God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets, that his Messiah would suffer.

Brat: God’s Messiah?

Rev. Carlos de la Torre: Jesus’ legacy is his passion, death, and resurrection, and it has fulfilled everything promised in Holy Scripture. Through these acts, God in Christ has opened salvation to all nations, expanding God’s word through the Word made flesh beyond the people of Israel. But Jesus does not simply leave behind a legacy – a long list of accomplishments and accolades – but a covenant – an eternal and limitless promise.

Verse of the Day (16 Apr 21): Romans 13:Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.

Doug Addison (16 Apr 21): Jesus said that all the Law and the prophets are summed up in the one great commandment of love. Just like Jesus, everything we say and do has to come from a spirit of love. As His followers, we need to be an example to the world in how we act.

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): Prayer


Wanda Alger (13 Apr 21): There is a God-given passion for truth that is compelling many God-fearing citizens and Spirit-fueled believers to sound an alarm and expose the works of darkness. Just like the early disciples, these radical visionaries are willing to confront the status quo, ask some challenging questions, and rattle the cages of some sacred cows. Can we recognize the zeal of the Lord at work – even if it pushes some buttons? Do we dare take the risk of challenging their cause if, in fact, it’s a work of heaven?

Acts 3:19 Repent therefore, and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out

Pastor Vanessa Russell (09 Apr 21): We have learned what it’s like to be isolated, to feel forgotten and to suffer loss of housing, jobs and loved ones. We are humbled and feel much like Nehemiah, weeping at the sight of our burned and broken-down cities (Neh. 1:3-4).

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (14 Apr 21): Cry with them, pray for them, do everything you can for them—and then you can tell them to trust in G‑d.

Jerame Nelson (18 Apr 21): God is about to release a love revolution to the Body of Christ. I want to define what it is to have a revolution because I believe that God wants to bring real language to the Body of Christ so that we understand what He’s doing in this hour. I believe we’re about to enter into a heartfelt revelation of love that is greater than God’s power and greater than His gifts.

Rick Joyner (13 Apr 21): So, if we’re growing in the fruit of The Spirit, we will also be growing in goodness and kindness. As we walk abiding in The Lord, we will also go about looking for good to do for others, and always do it in The Spirit of kindness.[33]

A Final Testimony

Luke 24:45 Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures

Rev. Carlos de la Torre: But before their sojourn, Jesus addresses his disciples and presents them with a final testimony. Jesus tells his disciples that everything written in the law of Moses, the prophets, and the psalms has been fulfilled by his passion, death, and resurrection. And now that God’s word has been fulfilled, true repentance and forgiveness can finally be proclaimed to all people. 

Helen Calder (17 Apr 21): From now on, this divine interruption—this “suddenly” from God—will be a part of your testimony. You’ll hear Him say, “I have a new track for you to journey on.
I have a new story for you to tell!”

Mary Luti (14 Apr 21): O the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! – Romans 11:33 (NRSV)

Tamara Lowe (16 Apr 21): In short, what I heard during that week of listening was really good news, and much of it has already begun to happen in just the first few months of 2021.

Rev. Carlos de la Torre: In the primordial act of taking bread and wine, blessing, breaking, and sharing, we participate in Jesus’ covenant. It is through this act that we encounter over and over again the risen Jesus. It is through this act that we receive his peace, touch and behold his body, and share a meal with him. The good news is that this sacred pattern did not come to an end when Jesus ascended into heaven – instead, it spread to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem.

Brat Journal from nine years ago (July 10, 2012): At the beginning of this journal entry I had been so confounded by the phrase “Messiah Watch.”  Am I finally “getting it?”  When God told me the phrase “Messiah Watch,” three times in one day was He telling me to watch out for the Churches who are on the watch for a messiah?  Or did it have a more Eucharistic significance?  It is gradually starting to dawn on me that the Messiah through His very life honored, blessed, and released the world into the Father’s arms, so I must honor, bless, and release the Seven Churches in to Christ’s arms.  I am watching The Messiah do this very thing before my eyes.  So I must do as He does.

Apostle Axel Sippach (17 Apr 21): This is what they have been anointed for. And they will fulfill the purposes of God for their generation.

Jewish Voice (16 Apr 21): You help Jewish people come to know their Messiah, Jesus

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman (13 Apr 21): Because you know He has set you on a good path and given you the right ideas.

Denis Edwards: Richard [of St. Victor] sees the self-transcending love of friendship as the high point of human life and argues that such friendship must be found in God. . . . Real friendship is love which goes from the self to the other. . . . Richard’s insight into friendship leads him to suggest that real love does not remain with the two but wants to share love with another. For full love we look for one who can share our love for the beloved. Richard sees the friendship in the Trinity as ecstatically breaking out beyond the two to include a third. . . . There is no sense in which this common [third] friend is loved any less than the other two. In the love of the divine Persons, Richard sees supreme love flowing equally in all directions. [2][34]


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