Luz 16 July 20

17 Jul

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Genesis 28:10-19a from the lectionary readings for 7 Pentecost 19 July 2020

[9 pages of dialogue]

Brat: Luz means Light in Spanish

Genesis 28:19a He called that place Bethel; but the name of the city was Luz at the first.

Bill Britton: While we were children, young, undisciplined, limited only by the outer fence of the Law that ran around the limits of the pastures, (that kept us from getting into the dark pastures of poison weeds), He was content to watch us develop and grow into young manhood, spiritually speaking. But the time came to those who fed in His pastures, and drank at His streams, when they were to be brought into discipline or “child-training” for the purpose of making them mature Sons.

Steve Shultz: The enemy is consistently trying to shut us up, but God has other plans.

Brat (in “Weeds” 14 July 20): …And a friend of God does not sit by and tolerate a perversion of justice, for this is the scroll He has written for me.

Habakkuk 1: Therefore the law is paralyzed,
and justice never prevails.
The wicked hem in the righteous,
so that justice is perverted.

Me to Daniel Pontious (12 July 20): …The five-fold ministers were supposed to connect influencers so that those leaders who had perverted justice would be held accountable.

Christian Harfouche (15 July 20): There has never been an hour where the enemy has put this much force, effort, work, propaganda, and assault against the champions and the leaders on the earth as he has done now.

Deborah Perkins: Like you, I struggle sometimes with the idea of dying to myself or facing persecution for my faith in Christ. As lawlessness increases, I often cry out to God for the grace to stand under mounting pressure from antichrist agendas. It seems, lately, that evil knows no bounds! [1]

Chuck Pierce (15 July 20): For many, change can bring fear. Change is hard since we can’t see the future and yet are required to let go of what we presently know. Essentially, there is a death that takes place, and for many, this transition brings great fear. However, God’s word declares: “Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times” (Is. 33:6), and “But the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits” (Dan. 11:32)!

Brat comment to Chuck by an excerpt from “Weeds” 15 July 20: [2]

Matthew 13:38 the field is the world, and the good seed are the children of the kingdom; the weeds are the children of the evil one,

Anne Ballard (14 July 20): Boldly declare favor and provision over individuals and for open doors in the creative industries. Choose a person or an industry that God is highlighting or that is close to your heart and intentionally lift them up this month. Pray specifically that God’s glory would be revealed to them and through them.

Brat (29 June 20): I would love to see if there were a way to incorporate this dialogue style into some professional niche.  I’m too old to “hit the pavement” (ie, to Hollywood), but if the five-fold ministry were working properly, then the apostles, ministers, and teachers would have connections were my gifts could be put to use.

Kris Vallotton (14 July 20): What prophetic accountability looks like

When Light Came In (16 July 20): Sensing something is wrong: that comment, that dynamic, that relationship, that response in ourselves that tells us we’re not ok right now.

Genesis 28:10 Jacob left Beer-sheba and went toward Haran.

When Light Came In (16 July 20): Self-reflection: how effective were we? Did we get sucked back in to the old patterns or were we able to try something new? What could I try next time? Why is this still an issue?

Tyler Daswick: When [Lauren] Daigle was touring How Can It Be, she realized the difference between writing music for a message and writing for a mode of delivery. How Can It Be carried a message she loved, but as she sang those songs night after night, the delivery became less satisfying. Back home in Lafayette, however, the message of the music and the delivery of that message were unified. Music there was a conversation. It was a two-way street, always.[3]

Brat to Lauren Daigle (16 July 20): I wanted to let you know that I tied in your song “Rescue” into the conversation in my blog.  In the Church, the conversation is strained.  I thank God for your music to keep the conversation going despite the dysfunction.

Bill Britton: And then the answer came back from a voice filled with victory and praise: “In my Master’s House, there is a secret place in the confining limitations of His stables where He feeds me by His own hand, and His granaries never run empty, and His well never runs dry.”

Genesis 28:11 He came to a certain place and stayed there for the night, because the sun had set. Taking one of the stones of the place, he put it under his head and lay down in that place.

When Light Came In (16 July 20): Mental and emotional healing from abuse is a series of cycles — sensing, strategy and self-reflection — over and over and over.

Tyler Daswick: “The going definitely had to stop,” she says. “This is all a constant, evolving process, it’s an ebb and flow with sustaining yourself. Things move at maximum speed, but you have to choose to be intentional and learn from each moment. Even in the moments when you feel lack, even in the moments when I’ve completely handed myself over to this machine, I’m never too far gone. God is the anchor.”

Lana Vawser (15 July 20): I saw as the Lord spoke three times “WRITE AGAIN” that there is a mantle to write what the Lord is releasing again now. There is fresh, fresh manna that is being released from heaven and as you step into this ‘next step’ that God is leading you into, there is also an assignment to WRITE waiting for many of you.

Genesis 28:12 And he dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, the top of it reaching to heaven; and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.

Steve Shultz: Do you know how vitally important your worship before the Lord is?

Tyler Daswick: “We wanted to keep it like a prayer,” she says. “What would I be saying to God if I was just sitting in my room? We had to make sure the lyrical depth was potent, because to me, songwriting is giving people a prayer to sing, words in their mouth that were there, but they didn’t know how to access. You enter the song with one color in the kaleidoscope, but it’s not until the song is out of your mouth that you see the whole scope.”

Christian Harfouche: The windows of Heaven are open over you. I want you to prepare your spirit for a supernatural ordination and a supernatural gathering.

Robin Harfouche (15 July 20): On the 7th day of the 7th month of 2015, I was resting in the afternoon, getting prepared for ministry along with Doctor Harfouche (my husband), and God took me in a God dream. In the God dream was Doctor Harfouche and myself, and there were multitudes of angels, more than anyone could count, moving faster than human speed, and we were at war with the kingdom of darkness. We were not looking to the left or to the right; we were walking directly forward. Then we noticed that there were people being captured and taken out of our sight, and we didn’t know where they were.[4]

Lana Vawser (15 July 20): In this encounter with the Lord I noticed that this next step looked like a step in the natural but what struck me was it’s depth. There was a DEPTH to this next step that I cannot even explain in the natural and do it justice. There was a depth of ‘layering’ to this step, but there was also a height in this step that was incredible. It was as if I could look at this step and see it as one step, but see a depth to it and a staircase contained in this one step, all at once.[5]

Genesis 28:13 And the LORD stood beside him and said, “I am the LORD, the God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac; the land on which you lie I will give to you and to your offspring;

Anthony Medina (16 July 20): During our most recent Tuesday night prayer meeting, the Lord took me into an open vision. I found myself hovering high above the United States of America. Across the United States laid a giant and he was sleeping. His feet were in Florida and his head was in Alaska. I then began to descend closer to the earth and to the sleeping giant. As I got closer I was able to see that the giant was actually composed of many smaller parts and not a whole mass. As I got even closer, I could see that the giant was made up of churches, para-church ministries and individual ministers and Believers.[6]

Lauren Daigle with Tyler Daswick: Lafayette, Louisiana, lies in the heart of Cajun culture. The air in that part of the country wraps around you. It weighs down the cypress trees and the insects and presses everything toward the ground. Lafayette’s prairie-like land is split by canals, and these drift more than they flow toward the Mississippi River and out to the Gulf of Mexico. Downtown, the lights glow from the bar patios and nightclubs, and everything looks ethereal and spirit-touched. You hear music most days, at most times, and the music is free in every sense. It pours out into the street and fills every corner and rises up, thick and hot. It doesn’t drown you. You float.

Steve Shultz: Yes, there is a way of escape and freedom from all the destructive plans the enemy is trying to unleash right now.

When Light Came In (16 July 20): Strategy: making a safety plan to leave the moment, the relationship, the thought loop we no longer want to experience.

Rick Joyner (14 July 20): Granted, the more serious the fight the more dangerous it can be. Even so, isn’t it interesting that the Southern United States, which caused a civil war by seceding from the Union, now seem to be much more patriotic for the Union than the rest of the country is?

Genesis 28:14 and your offspring shall be like the dust of the earth, and you shall spread abroad to the west and to the east and to the north and to the south; and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you and in your offspring.

Christian Harfouche: The entire planet has been synchronized in a particular way that is designed to slow down The Body of Christ and limit the expression of the Gospel. Many people that should not be suffering physically and/or financially are having to deal in nations of the world with those particular things.

Lana Vawser (15 July 20): The sense surrounded me so strongly that obedience to this next step is vital. Obedience to the Lord is also of utmost importance, but the Lord showed me that this next step of obedience is going to be one that will open up this new realm of destiny in greater ways than has been before. This next step is not something to doubt, to shrink back from, to hide, to allow voices to tell you it’s wrong, this next step is ‘against the grain’ and may seem ‘crazy’ to some, but the word of the Lord to you has been tested, confirmed and established by His decree and now is the time to receive. Now is the time to step into it, and you will see FAVOUR fall on your obedience.

Tyler Daswick: [Lauren] Daigle and her producers sourced Look Up Child from Cajun soul. They studied artists like Roberta Flack and Lauryn Hill and the late Aretha Franklin. They listened for the conversation inside the music, and they heard it when the artist was alone at a piano or when they fronted a full band. When Daigle talks about it, she sometimes speaks in contradictions.

Christian Harfouche: There is a door that is going to be opened, the angel of Lord will not leave you in any way confined.

Genesis 28:15 Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”

When Light Came In (14 July 20): Bravery to believe our words are valuable and are not to be squandered on those who don’t deserve them.

Steve Shultz: Yes, your worship is important in the battle…do NOT let the enemy silence your voice in this crucial time.

Jo Ellen Stevens (15 July 20): All at once the Lord spoke to me and said, “Every time the worship begins to bring breakthrough into a church, the spirit of jealousy rises up and will not allow My people to be free to worship Me, thus the statue of Pharaoh that you saw.” So I said, “Why is that?” He said, “Remember that I told Moses to say to Pharaoh, ‘Let My people go to be free to worship Me in the wilderness!’ Then he hardened his heart and would not let them go. Do you know why he would not let them go? It is because it would bind his power, and I have given you that privilege!”[7]

Lana Vawser (15 July 20): The Lord is revealing “NEXT STEPS” right now for many, and the Lord showed me that there is a very specific move of His Spirit upon daughters of God in this hour, that as they pay attention to what the Spirit of God is saying regarding this next step, and move to His instruction and follow in His way, there will be a launching pad that will be met, that will catapult them into a new realm of their destiny.

Tyler Daswick: So Lauren Daigle stepped back. She went home to Louisiana. It changed her sound, her performance and her perspective. It somehow made her even better.

Bill Britton: Many of the children today cannot understand why some of those who have put on the harness of God cannot get excited by the many religious games and the playful antics of the immature. They wonder why the disciplined ones run not after every new revelation or feed on every opportunity to engage in seemingly “good and profitable” religious activities. They wonder why some will not race with them in their frantic efforts to build great works and great and notable ministries. They cannot understand the simple fact that this Company of saints is waiting for the voice of the Master, and they do not hear God in all this outward activity.

Tyler Daswick: The music can “steal a moment with simplicity,” she says, but at the same time, “I wanted to sweat when I get off-stage.” Soul music asks: Why not both? [Lauren] Daigle and her producers chose to record with an orchestra.

Switch: “Symphony” []

Lance Wallnau (15 July 20): “You get to choose the environment you create. You can create an environment that draws people into the Kingdom or pulls them out.”

Genesis 28:16 Then Jacob woke from his sleep and said, “Surely the LORD is in this place–and I did not know it!”

Lana Vawser (15 July 20): There is a heavier anointing to write that is about to fall upon many of you to write with the Lord again. There will be significant revelation and acceleration that will fall upon you to scribe what the Holy Spirit is saying, for what He is releasing to you is a KEY for the hour and this assignment of writing that is falling is going to bring an UNLOCKING of destiny into the lives of others.

Bill Britton: His heart was amazed and perplexed, and he cried out: “My brother, where do you find the food to keep you strong and fat in these days of famine? I have run everywhere in my freedom, searching for food, and I find none. Where do you, in your awful confinement, find food in this time of drought? Tell me, please, for I must know!”

Anthony Medina (16 July 20): I believe that the Lord is calling us, the Body of Christ, into a time of focused fasting from the negative media and focus on His glory. He is calling on the sleeping giant to shed hopelessness, wake up, take its place and function in that delegated authority that has already been given, but it will only come through what you feed yourself.

When Light Came In (14 July 20): Brave to give ourselves permission to walk away after the “ok” (or “no,” or *no response*) and keep walking away to focus on what’s good, real, and true.

Yael Eckstein (14 July 20): The Jewish approach to difficult times has always been the same. We take meaningful action to protect ourselves to the best of our abilities and then let go and trust God. We do not sit back and do nothing at all. And we don’t become overly caught up in trying to control situations beyond our ability. It is a balance – a dance with God – in which we and God each take different steps, but take them together.[8]

Bill Britton: They will move in their time, when the Master speaks. But not before, though many temptations come from the playful colts. And the colts cannot understand why those who seemingly appear to have great abilities and strength are not putting it to good use. “Get the carriage on the road”, they say, but the disciplined ones, those in God’s harness, know better than to move before they hear the voice of the Master. They will move in their time, with great purpose, and great responsibility.

Brat: God was looking for someone to judge rightly.

Wanda Alger (14 July 20): …In our frustration of seeing endless corruption, rampant deception, and the lack of any true justice, surely God could just come to deal with our enemies and put things back in order! And yet, until God’s final day of judgment comes, He looks to us to render right judgments on His behalf – now. This admonition from the Spirit was a reminder that we shouldn’t expect Him to do something that WE’VE been told to do.[9]

When Light Came In (16 July 20): It’s that last one that is a slippery slope. It’s in the self-reflection that we get tired of it being our job to do so much work to heal from someone else’s bad behavior. When we want to find some larger reason for having to do this work, and to have compassion for the other person’s wounds so we don’t become the bitter, angry people they say we are.

Brat: No one (to date) has taken responsibility to step in and cauterize the corporate wound.

Bill Britton: Little did they know of the responsibility that was to be theirs when they had submitted to the discipline, learned to perfectly obey the Master, and finished their training. All they knew was that this processing was the most horrible thing they had ever known.

When Light Came In (16 July 20): It’s this part when we get googling his narcissistic traits, considering the childhood wounds she must have faced that lead to the…

Deborah Perkins: Only someone who understands pain can help us overcome it. Only someone gentle enough to watch and wait for the truth can connect with us. Only someone with both patience and a firm, guiding hand can entice us to return.

When Light Came In (14 July 20): It’s healing. It’s growth. It’s hard. It takes time. It’s possible. And you’re worth it.

Brat: Was it because the five-fold ministry lacked a carriage to hold the church system accountable, or she hadn’t valued the grain in the stall, or just kept waiting to hear God’s voice better, or …?

When Light Came In (16 July 20): No. Stop. It’s not about what made him abusive. It’s not our job to diagnose her dysfunction. It doesn’t matter *why* they’re manipulative, controlling, aggressive and intimidating. What matters is *what that created in us,* what we’re going to do about it, and whether we believe we are worth more.

Genesis 28:17 And he was afraid, and said, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.”

Yael Eckstein (14 July 20): In Deuteronomy 4:15, the Bible instructs us, “Therefore watch yourselves very carefully.” This phrase teaches us that we must do our part in taking care of our wellbeing. But then, once we have done all we can, we let go and let God. As we read in Isaiah 12:2, “Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.”

Lana Vawser (15 July 20): It is VERY important with this next step to listen closely to the direction of the Lord. It is very important to listen to His blueprint and His wisdom on how to move into, move onto, and move in this new step that is before you. For there will be many that will shout “This isn’t the way”, there will be many that will shout “You’re making a mistake” and there will be many that will shout “You’re going backwards” but the truth is, as you follow in the direction of the Lord and go ‘against the grain’ in some areas and places because you are following the word of the Lord, you are meeting the greatest transition point of your life into a realm of your destiny that you haven’t experienced, encountered or envisioned before.

Bill Britton: And then the Trainer began to work on them, with his whip and His bridle. What a death for those who had been all their lives accustomed to such a freedom! They could not understand the reason for this torture, this terrible discipline. What great crime had they done to deserve this?

Brat: I believe part of the colt play in the poison weeds was co-dependent revelry.  In my experience, the religious system has already been proven false, but she rode the chariot she had built.  The Church knew what was going on, played into the deception, and relished the game and sport of it.

Bill Britton: And the Lord made me to know that there were many whom He had brought into training who had rebelled against the discipline, the chastising of the Father. And they could not be trusted with the great responsibility of mature Sonship, so he let them go back to their freedom, back to their religious activities and revelations and gifts. They are still His people, still feeding in His pastures, but He has set them aside from the great purposes for the end of the age. So they revel in their freedom, feeling that they are the Chosen ones with the many streams of living water, not knowing that they have been set aside as unfit for His great work in this end of the Age.

Christian Harfouche: The Body of Christ will not be stopped now! We are coming out of the gate running like the purest supernatural racehorse and we will charge the finish line of this end-time harvest with authority, dignity, and the power that God has ordained for us to participate in in this 21st Century.

Charisma (16 July 20): God Has Called You to Finish the Race

Genesis 28:18 So Jacob rose early in the morning, and he took the stone that he had put under his head and set it up for a pillar and poured oil on the top of it.

Tyler Daswick: “In Louisiana, you go into any music place, and it’s alive,” [Lauren] Daigle says. “You sit on the street corner and there’s a trombone player playing something funky, and the saxophone leans in and says, ‘Oh yeah, let me tell you what I think about that.’ Then the drummer says, ‘Let me set both of you straight.’ There’s just this communication and energy. It’s so much fun. I missed that.”

Jo Ellen Stevens (15 July 20): Lucifer was the chief musician in Heaven! He had all of that and yet His pride about his own beauty caused him to lose his place before the throne of God. Now, satan is looking at the worshiping Church and jealousy has risen up in him because he knows that he will never get his place back. He knows he has been stripped of his authority and beauty, and he has been cast out from Heaven with nothing left to look forward to but a fiery, burning Hell.

Christian Harfouche: The Church is still attached to our pre-denominational roots and carrying the power and ability of the living God to the ends of the earth!

Lana Vawser (15 July 20): Many of you have scribed with the Lord recently, many of you have scribed with the Lord years ago and some of you haven’t scribed with the Lord for a long time.

Steve Shultz: King David himself knew the importance of worship before the Lord, especially as he went into battle before his enemies.

Chuck Pierce (15 July 20): We want to be very vigilant regarding any attempt of the enemy to breach our walls and bring us into defeat personally or corporately. This is not a time to grow weary or complacent, but to press through the narrow places. Let’s find our place of watching and working as we establish this new vessel of worship and communication for a new era.

Darren Canning: There are moments that we wrestle but we cannot allow ourselves to stay in that place. We must rise and we must speak to every storm. The power that comes upon me in prayer is hope. Jesus always renews my hope. He comes into my heart and breaks the fear.

Jo Ellen Stevens (15 July 20): His words sung by His Spirit bring a covering over us and the enemy cannot penetrate it! David knew this and created the Tabernacle, appointing singers and musicians to worship 24/7, because he already knew as a little shepherd boy that when he would worship in the fields, God would help him defeat the lions and the bears.

Tyler Daswick: Tapping back into that dynamic was at the center of [Lauren] Daigle’s recovery. She distinguishes recovery and rest. She explains that people need time to recover before they can enter true rest. That’s when you experience rejuvenation, and that was the reward of her homecoming. In that place of true rest, she could start making music, and in that place, the music would sound different from anything she had done before.

Jo Ellen Stevens (15 July 20): Again, He told me to turn to the New Testament, Acts 15:16: “After this I will return and will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down; I will rebuild its ruins, and I will set it up.”

Chuck Pierce (15 July 20): PLEASE PRAY AND KEEP STANDING WITH US! We are doing just the opposite. WE ARE CELEBRATING AND WORKING and advancing in the process of updating the Tabernacle and developing new levels of communication. We are also establishing better ways to fellowship and gather in the future. Below are pictures of the Video Wall installation as well as the new Welcome Center.

Lana Vawser (15 July 20): Daughters of God, pay careful attention to this next step. Ask the Lord specifics for not only entering into this next step, how to enter in, but also how to ‘move within’ this next step and follow His voice at ALL costs and down to the very specifics. Don’t compromise or cut corners. Follow the Word of the Lord, for great favour will fall upon your obedience and watch how this next step will be a launching pad into destiny realms in your life that you have not yet walked in.

Genesis 28:19a He called that place Bethel; but the name of the city was Luz at the first.

Robin Harfouche (15 July 20): As He stood on the mountain, we, the multitude, just kept saying those words: “Blessed be the Lord, the most high God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We have overcome the kings of the earth, and we have brought back all.”

When Light Came In (14 July 20): Brave to trust we’ve said it once, that’s enough, and we get to be free.

Yael Eckstein (14 July 20): As we continue on this journey, I pray that we all learn the art of this dance and remember that we never dance alone. If we stay focused on our steps, and trust God to do His part, we will pass through this difficult season with grace and, with God’s help, enter into a season of everlasting joy. Like the Sea of Galilee, may God restore us, renew us, and grant us even more blessings!

Jo Ellen Stevens (15 July 20): “On that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down, and repair its damages; I will raise up its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old.”


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