Incline Your Ear 5 July 20

6 Jul

Sunday, July 5, 2020

[8 pages of dialogue]

Anchored in Psalm 45:10-17 from the lectionary readings for 5 Pentecost 05 July 2020

Kris Vallotton (03 July 20): Why Christians Aren’t The Most Creative or Innovative Leaders[1]

Josh Wilson: Maybe you’re not like me
Maybe we don’t agree
Maybe that doesn’t mean
We gotta be enemies

Vince Viozzi: The founding fathers of this great country were no doubt under a divine anointing even during the Revolutionary War to fight for our freedoms. I have been sensing that this Season of the Militias is like the dawn of the morning. It is just on the horizon. And in front of it is a releasing of the same anointing that rested upon our founding fathers to be able to combat the attacks against freedom even if it is necessary to take up arms.

Josh Wilson: “Revolutionary” []

God to Sophia Valentina Buller (4 July 20): I Have SEEN you seek peace not war 💞💞💞

Joe Joe Dawson: Many times, in the natural, if a body of water is being held back by a dam, they will explode the dam to release the water. I believe this is a prophetic picture of what will happen in July. The delays and strongholds that have been keeping back the power, favor, and will of God in many lives will explode and the rushing river of God will be released. The things you have been praying and believing for in seasons past will suddenly be manifested. Suddenly hindrances and roadblocks will be immediately removed and you will be able to move forward in this season. Get ready for the explosion to come and change everything!

Rick Joyner (in “Provoked” 01 July 20): Like it or not, even in the kingdom we are told that “every man will eat the fruit of his own tree.” This is not about possessiveness or selfishness—it is about stewardship. God gave the first man the job to “tend the garden,” to be productive, and there is a deep need in us that is met when we create and produce.

Brat: Where is Your storehouse Lord, for Your “white” harvest?  Even Your hair is white. (Revelation 1:14) The laborers may be few, but even those few have not come back to me to say they want my contribution or that I belong in their camp.  They have not embraced my calling or shown me that they see any value in it to them.  You said the fathers would … would what?  Fathers are not supposed to provoke their children either.

Steve Shultz: If ever there was a time to walk out our faith in a bold way…this is that time.

Vince Viozzi: The prophet Rick Joyner has stated that he believes we are already in another civil war. I believe the destiny of this nation is at stake. We are not in the middle of a small temper tantrum. We are at war!  A spiritual war? Most definitely! Yes, there are principalities and powers that need to be dealt with in the spirit by the Ecclesia. It may also become necessary for a physical interaction to take place.

God to Sophia Valentina Buller (4 July 20): I Have SEEN the abuse you went through and how you chose LOVE even though the pain 💗💗💗

When Light Came In (4 July 20): Trauma is our body’s response to things that max our personal resources. It’s unexpected, it’s beyond our control, and it shorts our neural circuits — in order to survive.

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): We know from 1 Peter 1:9 that the goal of our faith is the salvation (the word salvation here means a full deliverance or purifying) of our souls. Since Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith, His chief concern will always be for our souls!

Vince Viozzi: Speaking of the coming of the Holy Spirit, Jesus told His disciples this:

John 16:8-11 (NKJV) 8 And when He has come, He will convict the world… 9 of sin, because they do not believe in Me; 10 of righteousness, because I go to My Father and you see Me no more; 11 of judgment, because the ruler of this world is judged.

Kris Vallotton (03 July 20): The fact of the matter is modern-day Believers hold tightly to their theologies and can recite them with conviction, yet if you haven’t noticed, their noble principles fail to be fruitful. So the million-dollar question remains, if we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16), if we are seated in heavenly places with an advantaged perspective (Ephesians 2:6) why aren’t Believers leading in every realm of society?

When Light Came In (4 July 20): Trauma is personal. It is real.

Brat prayer (04 July 20): Holy God, the five-fold ministry is a network.  Prophetic artists are not listed among the spokes of that chariot wheel even though prophets are.  Still, we need connection to the hub.  Bring me to a place where my work is not just consumed, but respected. I ask for connections to benefactors who see the value in my art. Connect me with people who want to work toward lifting You up and see value in my dialogues and contributions, and want to work toward reconciliation [].

[Sh*t.  I can’t submit my prayer into KLOVE’s window box.  Too many words… Help me, Lord!!]

Phiwa Langeni (5 July 20): Prayer
Redirect us – from perfecting how to do things right, toward trusting you to guide us in imperfectly doing the right things. Remind us that we’re all essential contributors to the beautiful world you envision. Amen.

[Kitty hiss and spit.]

Brat: Camping on my prayers AGAIN?!  Is there no way to take up arms against the stealing of one’s right to privacy?  Can’t I even pray without The United Church of Christ hijacking the chariot’s horse?!  Lord God, take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good!

When Light Came In (4 July 20): It can happen in an instant, or be built over a thousand moments. It is not limited to survivors of war and natural disasters. It can be financial, emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and institutional.

God to Sophia Valentina Buller (4 July 20): MY darling Princess Sophia NONE of the abuse was your fault 💝💝💝I UNDERSTAND your pain 💝💝💝the heart of a prophet isn’t like the heart of the world 💝💝💝I KNOW 💝💝💝

Brat: That was triangulation!  We ask You, Lord, to hold them accountable!

Vince Viozzi: When Pentecost 2020 came many were praying for God to send forth His Spirit and were looking for something like what had happened in past moves of God. I kept sensing that God was going to send us an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but that it was going to be different than what others thought was coming. I believe it came as a Baptism of Fire and a threshing floor purging! I feel that many are like those on the road to Emmaus when the Lord appeared to them, but they didn’t recognize Him! (See Luke 24:13-35). They had another idea as to what Jesus was going to do when He came.

Josh Wilson: Let’s take some time, open our eyes, look and listen
We’re gonna find we’re more alike than we are different

Brat prayer to KLOVE radio station (04 July 20 at 2:19 pm): I ask for connections to benefactors who see the value in my prophetic art.

Psalm 45:10 Hear, O daughter, consider and incline your ear; forget your people and your father’s house,

Kris Vallotton (03 July 20): Embrace the tension. We must understand that creativity, innovation, and invention is in God’s nature. This means creative thinking and art of solution making is in our DNA. Yet, standing on the precipice of ideation comes a great tension. This pressure causes some to retreat and others to fall, but I want you to know that you were made uniquely to look fear in the face and tell it to stand down. Don’t forget, the Spirit of the Living God lives in you. You were designed to carry the creativity of God’s thoughts and ways. You are a supernatural solutionary!

Josh Wilson: Why does kindness seem revolutionary
When did we let hate get so ordinary
Let’s turn it around, flip the script
Judge slow, love quick
God help us get revolutionary

Joey LeTourneau (5 July 20): “I might as well be riding a camel,” I thought to myself—of course thinking of Jesus’ teaching that it is much easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. I always thought of this story as an outlandish parable shared to illustrate the surrender of walking in the Kingdom of God. I later came to know its reality regarding “The Eye of the Needle Gate” of Old Jerusalem, and how a camel would have to be stripped down and unpacked from its long journey if it wanted to fit through.[2]

Genesis 24:35 The LORD has greatly blessed my Master, and He has become wealthy; He has given Him flocks and herds, silver and gold, male and female slaves, camels and donkeys.

Kris Vallotton (03 July 20): Ephesians 3:20 says that God is able to do “far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.” This is why we should be eager to develop a life in the Spirit, as it gives us access to God’s heart, ways, and thoughts. Even with everything going on in the world around us, God is giving you permission to dream bigger, in fact, it’s uncertain times like these that our gifts should be leading us in unprecedented ways. It’s time for Believers to start thinking like God instead of thinking about God. It’s time for us to be the cultural architects, the imagineers and visionaries of our time.

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): Whatever the terminology, I was reminded more than once of the scripture in 1 Peter 2:25 which reads: “You were continually straying like sheep, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls.” I have been thoroughly captured by the gentleness, patience, and love I have seen as He manifested Himself to me this way!

Psalm 45:11 and the King will desire your beauty. Since he is your Lord, bow to Him;

God to Sophia Valentina Buller (4 July 20): I Have SEEN you give and give with LOVE and JOY in your heart 💞💞💞I Have SEEN you LOVE with ALL you have and treat others the way you wanted to be treated out the GOODNESS of who you ARE MY DARLING PRINCESS SOPHIA 💞💞💞

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): Like David, set a table for those whom you serve and share freely of the goodness of My Kingdom! Invite the weak, invite the lame, invite the sick and the troubled, because I have done the same for you, and will continue to do so. You have nothing to fear; you cannot exhaust the provision of your One True Shepherd, whose eyes are ever on His flock to care for them and feed them. 

Kris Vallotton (03 July 20): Develop a culture that allows you to think. The Hebrews writer in chapter 6 verse 1 said, “Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith in God…” Believers need to create cultures that allow the exploration of God’s ideas! Let me be clear, I’m not talking about coming up new theologies or getting more mystical. I’m simply saying that God has equipped us to access real solutions that solve the problems of nations, we just need to mature into His way of thinking and we need one another to grow with.

Phiwa Langeni (5 July 20): I’m still learning how to trust The Process. Imperfectly.

Joey LeTourneau (5 July 20): A great number of people moved and worked constantly, but never seemed to actually go anywhere. We were living in a simplified wilderness, but we walked, built, and pressed forward in a very modern mindset. Imagine a technologically sound caveman, if you will; this seemed to be a simplified society where very few people were content to be simple. But amidst the whirlwind of work, worship and play, the eye of a needle sat simply up from the ground as a gateway to this path of thread.

Psalm 45:12 the people of Tyre will seek your favor with gifts, the richest of the people

Joe Joe Dawson: The Lord recently began to talk to me about this upcoming month of July being a time of explosion. I see an explosion coming to so many in the body of Christ in this season. Many will experience explosive growth, explosive encounters, explosive opportunities, and favor. There will be breakthrough and miracles in the explosion. In the month of July, many will see an explosion of the power of God released in and through their lives!

Bob Blasé (5 July 20): Now it is being released in this time, according to the will of God, and we are being given access by grace through faith. All things in the Kingdom are received by faith. It will be accessed by a great many people, and with too many acts of the power of Jesus to keep track of.

Josh Wilson: I’m turning the TV down
Drowning their voices out
Cause I believe that you and me
Can find some common ground

Kris Vallotton (03 July 20): I propose one reason why Believers aren’t the visionaries and the catalysts they were designed to be is because religion has taken the place of revelation. All too often, the divine wisdom we get from God becomes imprisoned in our hearts, guarded by the spirit of religion and taunted by the fear of man. The triumphant call on us to rise and shine with ageless wisdom and supernatural power ultimately wastes away in the confines of mediocrity. This disconcerting demise has reduced those who are designed to be the most brilliant people on the planet to an echo rather than a voice.

Brat: And I propose that the echo is because of boots like this on our necks that is causing our demise.  If you cared as much as you professed, you’d nurture the network of prophetic artists, rather than create more sweatboxes to keep us with your cavemen and their canaries under your control.

Joey LeTourneau (5 July 20): We are taught to be in the world but not of it, but I’ve begun to notice that even our best intentions can still become slowly dependent on the world and its ways. I realized my own part in these patterns had created a fear of losing control. That’s what would have to be lost to step outside the world and walk through this impossible path.

Josh Wilson: Maybe we just get brave
Take a big leap of faith
Call a truce so me and you
Can find a better way

Brat: What’s so hard about writing me back?

Faith Marie Baczko (4 July 20): These pods are spheres and portals where the angelic ascend and descend with strategies, provision and assistance. They work to accomplish the will of God in partnership with saints who have been intentional about becoming one cooperative system – one network – functioning in unity, working together to advance the cause of Christ.[3]

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): “Shepherds who know how to feed themselves will be in great demand at this time. Those who know how to come to My table will be filled with good and nourishing things, entering into places of deep rest and personal refreshment. They will then be strengthened to prepare a table for the ones they are called to serve in this hour.

Psalm 45:13 with all kinds of wealth. The princess is decked in her chamber with gold-woven robes;

God to Sophia Valentina Buller (4 July 20): I Have SEEN ALL and I ADORE you MY darling Princess Sophia 💗💗💗MY PRECIOUS JEWEL 💗💗💗MY diamond MY Ruby MY pearl MY shiny green emerald of the royal line of Judah 💗💗💗

Psalm 45:14 in many-colored robes she is led to the King; behind her the virgins, her companions, follow.

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): In the past few months, I have been blessed to have several encounters with the Lord in which He revealed Himself to me chiefly as the Shepherd. In modern-day terms we might say he manifested Himself as a Pastor, or perhaps as a very wise and dear Companion.

Vince Viozzi: Much of the church is in the same condition today as those on that road to Emmaus. We are unaware of what is happening and of the stakes that are involved. We are like the disciples sleeping when they should have been praying so that they wouldn’t be taken by surprise! The stakes are very high right now! The destiny of a nation is weighing in the balance and it is time for the Ecclesia to rise up and take its place in the earth! (See Matthew 16:18-19)

Joey LeTourneau (5 July 20): The eye of the needle is our invitation through this remnant highway, to be a Kingdom people, who will usher in His harvest, His glory and His majesty upon the earth. The remnant Ekklesia that is arising must know such a narrow path, and show the world a new, different, authentic way that overcomes the many counterfeits of the times. Jesus gave us the answers, and they are waiting to be brought to life through the eye of a needle.

Psalm 45:15 With joy and gladness they are led along as they enter the palace of the King.

God to Sophia Valentina Buller (4 July 20): I SEE your heart MY darling Princess Sophia 💞💞💞 I SEE and Have SEEN EVERY time you have LOVED with your pure heart through the pain 💞💞💞I Have SEEN you deny yourself and LOVE with your WHOLE being 💞💞💞

Josh Wilson: What would Jesus do?
He would love first
He would love first
What would Jesus do?
He would love first
He would love first
So we should love first

Kris Vallotton (03 July 20): Maybe you’ve forgotten 2 Corinthians 5:17 that says, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” The word new here is the Greek word kainos, which can be translated as “prototype”—something never before created. This means you are an original; a one of a kind! If that sounds like an overused cliche then you probably don’t get it. As Believers, we’ve been born-again…we have a new heart and a new mind. In fact, we have the mind of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:16). With that being said, it’s paramount that as Believers we begin to press into the reality of our theology!

Annette Nina Burgess (5 July 20): its a whole new world.

Things are becoming very strange.

I believe its getting closer to the end times. A coming Messiah.

But I guess people have been saying that for years?

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz (5 July 20): Just because people have been saying it doesn’t mean it isn’t finally true

Brat (5 July 20): Isn’t Israel’s job to be a light to the nations, to direct them back to God?  Then the Messiah has already been using y’all to fulfill that. I pray that the Truth of that reality would shake up the nations in a healthy sense.

Kris Vallotton (03 July 20): Have you ever wondered why the most creative, innovative, inventive, intelligent, and gifted leaders in the world often aren’t Christians? Think about it. Consider your own life for a moment. Are you leading with out-of-the-box ideas and forging new pathways in the emphasis you’re called to? For some of you reading this, I’m confident that you are. But, the vast majority of Believers, on some level, are astutely aware that they are not tapping into their full potential. Many are haunted by the sense that there’s more, though they don’t know how to breakthrough or worse yet, they’re afraid to let go of what they innately know is not God’s portion.

Steve Shultz: Nations are being shaken and this will continue to happen…but have no doubt that God is on the move. And He chose us, His Body, to move through.

Vince Viozzi: This New Era is about Jesus’ Kingdom! He is portrayed in the book of revelation as a conqueror. (See Rev. 6:1-2 & Ps. 2) He is after a Kingdom and He is dealing with nations right now! Hence the shaking of nations!

Eric Trump (04 July 20): I convinced my father to give you another chance.

Donald J. Trump (05 July 20): You can’t miss this, Kathryn

Genesis 24:44 and who will say to me, “Drink, and I will draw for your camels also” –let her be the woman whom the LORD has appointed for my Master’s Son.’

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): The weak and sick among you are many, and I will not forget them. I am raising up shepherds and guardians who will care for the ‘Mephibosheths:’ the ones who require greater care in My Kingdom.(See 2 Samuel 9.)

Brat: If there is no benefactor to value the prophetic art, then does it matter how much permission I give myself or the prototype I offer in a banquet to the shepherds?  My Master invited the weak, the lame, the sick and the troubled.

Bob Blasé (5 July 20): Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, demonstrated this dimension of faith and rule to us during His earthly ministry. Now it is our turn.[4]

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): The book of Hebrews says that believers are “those who have faith to the preserving of our souls,” and that leaders in the Kingdom of God are to be like Christ in that they also keep watch over our souls, as those who will give an account to the Lord.

Josh Wilson: See maybe I’m not like you
But I’ll walk a mile in your shoes
If it means I might see
The world the way you do

Vince Viozzi: They were looking for a different expression of Jesus and a different outcome. So, they did not recognize who He really was and what He was doing at that time. The same thing happened to Mary at the tomb after His resurrection. He appeared to her and she didn’t recognize Him. In both cases they needed their spiritual eyes opened to see what His current plan really was and not what they had assumed it to be.

Joe Joe Dawson: God will use this explosion to clear the path before you in order to move you forward. July will be an explosive month where many will be propelled into work and stewardship of the explosion in their lives. We will need to move in the natural in response to the spiritual explosion. Get ready to throw your entire life into what God has called you to do. This is a time to go after the things of God like never before. If you will get in the middle of what God is doing, July and the rest of 2020 will be a powerful season for the body of Christ!

Psalm 45:16 In the place of ancestors you, O King, shall have sons; you will make them princes in all the earth.

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): May you take your place at the Lord’s table daily as rightful sons and daughters of our King, feasting on all that He is!


Vince Viozzi: The “Fire Baptizer” has shown up on the scene and He is “Awakening” His people to see reality and not facades! What are our motives? Are we about building His Kingdom? Why do we want a great harvest of souls? Do we want a great harvest of souls so we can fill the tables at the wedding feast of the Great Lamb and complete the bride of Christ? The current shaking is for our own eyes to be opened and to see reality of what is actually going on in us and around us!

God to Sophia Valentina Buller (4 July 20): I AM Proud of you MY darling Princess Sophia 🌈🌈🌈

When Light Came In (4 July 20): And it can heal. With support, self-compassion and honesty we can become better versions of ourselves than we were, even before the breaking.

Deborah Perkins (04 July 20): Rest in My perfect provision for you, Dear Ones, and let the waters of life wash over you as you enjoy these times in My presence. I will refresh and restore your souls until there is no need for refreshment anymore. A day is coming when you will rejoice constantly and will weep no more, reveling in My goodness and mercy and filled with My presence! This “saturation point” in My Spirit is quickly approaching; even now the River is rising and you are being flooded with light and glory! 

Vince Viozzi: Hebrews 12:28-29 (NKJV) 28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. 29 For our God is a consuming fire.

Psalm 45:17 I will cause Your name to be celebrated in all generations; therefore the peoples will praise You forever and ever.


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[2] Joey LeTourneau (5 July 20):

[3] Faith Marie Baczko (4 July 20):

[4] Bob Blasé (5 July 20):

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