Rooster 4 August 17

6 Aug

Working Dates: Friday, August 4, 2017 to Sunday, August 6, 2017

[8 pages]

Friday, August 4, 2017 at 7:33 pm                   Journal: Parked on Camino Carillo. Holy God, I can “hear” John weeping! He weeps and weeps because no one is found who is worthy to open the scroll and look inside. (Rev 5:4) Rabbi Shaul Leiter says that the soul of Moses is reincarnated as the Messiah.

(No wonder John is weeping! Where’s David when you need him?)

This morning I left the house around 7:30 am and went to park, pray, and sit with my piece “Readiness?” (I went back again and repeated the process later in the morning a second time.) When I was parked there early before the sun was cresting over the roof of the building on the shady side where I was, three times I heard a rooster crow. Roosters (or any farm animals) are not allowed within the city limits. They are allowed on ranches, which are part of the County, but not within the city limits. I was in the heart of the city and I’ve never heard a rooster here before.

In the past I would have immediately cried out in dread that You, God, were leading me through another Golgotha Friday experience and I would have taken this personally. Today, I observed with the eye and heart of a reporter. I knew You were showing me that this was Peter’s rooster and not mine (this time). I had laid my issue on the altar asking for help from the 24 elders.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles: The priest visibly trembled. His face changed colors. He tried to stammer a reply, but his teeth were rattling too hard.

Anna Blake: Riding Above Fear

Wendy Alec: Yes, for many of you like Peter, the enemy asked for you that you may be sifted. But we have prayed for you that your faith would not fail (see Luke 22:31-32). The sifting process is almost over and is at an end. And the glory, the victor’s crown, the harvest, incredible harvest, awaits you. All things restored. Nothing lost. Restitution. Restoration. The oil of joy for mourning.

Brat: God, over and over You’ve said (and Isaiah said, too) that the Messiah is from the root of David (not Moses.)

Revelation 5:Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David [!], has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Rabbi Shaul Leiter: On the other hand, further in V’etchanan we find the “post-Tisha B’Av” perspective, past the days of mourning, a mini state of redemption. In connection with this, the portion describes the giving of the Torah, an eternal event which has the power to counteract any exile. The portion then moves on to the reading of the Shema prayer, which contains our allegiance to G‑d, our responsibility to G‑d and also the foundation verses for all of the positive and negative commandments. The portion ends with the words “to do today!”, referring to our intention to perform all the commandments, which will ultimately bring us to the reward of the World to Come and the seventh and final millennium, the days of Mashiach!”

Brat: Jesus, our allegiance to God is not in question. I honor what Rabbi Leiter said, “We must each continue to call out and pray against all odds….

James W. Goll: Father, in Jesus name, we call forth the fullness of the Holy Spirit into each of our lives, families and spheres of influence. We want to be burning ones. Send an increase of Your Spirit’s power and manifested presence among us. We welcome the Seven Spirits of God to be activated in our lives as we consecrate our entire being to You. Amen and Amen!

Monk (in “Readiness?” 3 Aug 17): So, where do y’all want the conversation to go, since the core issues still have not been resolved?

Psalm 17:5 My steps have held fast to your paths; my feet have not slipped.

Brat: I realize there are many issues, but I offer my issue on the altar. As God is my witness, I share the journey per His mandate to me. The Church does not offer sanctuary during the sharing, even though the divine conversation will go on forever.

[Pause. Echo arc to Rabbi Leiter: “…the giving of the Torah, an eternal event”…]

Monk: (Even Martin Luther had a fortress to hide in when his Pharisees were after him.)

Brat: Not having real sanctuary (versus the lectures on “God is your sanctuary!” and “Love is all you need!” [The Beatles:]) honestly feels like keeping someone on life support, because the family is too selfish to let her go.

Anna Blake: When emotions arise, notice them. Refuse to demonize yourself or your horse. Breathe until the feelings get bored and leave.

Brat: [Exhale.] The intention is noble. It just doesn’t line up with what Jesus said. The Messiah is not from the root of Moses. He is from the root of David. And Peter cut off the high priest servant’s right ear. (Jn 18:10) So, how’s he supposed to hear? Jesus didn’t reach out and reattach the ear. He turned to Peter and commanded him to put away his sword! (v 11)

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles: Seeing that the other’s distress had rendered him unable to speak, Bagalo continued. “The words were: ‘Shema Yisrael Ado-nai Elokeinu Ado-nai Echad.’ Isn’t that a Jewish prayer?”

Brat: Lord, HELP! One of the elders has to talk to John, so You can get the scroll open! It’s TRUE! Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is one! The Jews did it. The Christians did it. Oy Vey! The Christians can’t seem to hear, so how are the Jews supposed to?

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles: “Don’t be afraid; I won’t inform on you,” Bagalo said gently. “Just give me your word of honor that you will be wholehearted in the word of our savior, and you will put aside these Hebrew incantations.”

Rabbi Shaul Leiter: This teaches us that as long as a Jew is performing the commandments with all of his strength, he is already in a state of redemption. He is being guided by the Almighty and all of the obstacles to holiness will fall away. May the days of the month of Av be transformed to days of joy and happiness forever.

Edie Bayer: I had an exciting dream recently of horses and riders racing together as a team. I believe that the Lord has revealed a few things about those who are called to be the next generation reformation team!

MorningStar Ministries: Guess Who is Coming to Our Party!

Pastor Bruce Zachary: The chief priests, scribes, elders and the high priest Caiaphas make up the local political and religious leadership over the Jewish people.  They ruled subject to Roman authority.  It is very clear throughout Scripture that the religious leaders felt threatened by Jesus and His authority.  They did not want Jesus to take their authority and were infuriated that Jesus was attracting their people to His leadership.  Thus, they devise a plan to kill Him. They must use “trickery” because they are walking a tight rope of having the execution approved by the Roman government and a desire to not cause a riot from the people of Israel.

Ashley Cortes: This oil releases a new sound from the mouths who carry it. I see the sound of wisdom and revelation. I see young Daniels emerging. Boldness, Character, and Strength are theirs. Although they are in worldly lands of oppression, they will emerge with heavenly insight and be given supernatural protection from the Lord Himself. They carry governmental orders yet to be released.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: But none of this matters to the dogmatic shroud denier. “It is an obvious forgery!” they bellow.

Marybeth Bishop: But I failed miserably. My roots were growing in tight, twisted circles, pressing against unyielding walls and attempting to feed off of soil that was already sucked dry. Instead of being fed and protected, the cup was suffocating, drowning, and starving me all at once.

Anna Blake: Anxiety is normal on both sides. Pretending it doesn’t exist isn’t the same thing as releasing it. Acknowledge the weird balance of dread and enthusiasm. Forgive each other again. Then know that this process will take some time.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker (reposted by Patheos from 3 March 2016 [!]): Women are not forbidden from preaching because they’re women. They’re excluded because they’re not priests or deacons.

Brat: You’re picking a fight. Drop your sword!

Monk: Or is Patheos picking up the old sword on his behalf?

Brat: Well, God did tell the scribes to bring out the old and the new! (Mt 13:52)

Anna Blake: Your relationship isn’t defined by proximity; it’s defined by trust. If you don’t share confidence on the ground there’s no reason to think it will magically appear when you’re in the saddle.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: As Pope Francis has said, “The door is closed to women’s ordination.” So that would seem to answer the question.

Brat: I said drop it!

Marybeth Bishop: It is not our job to watch the seed.

Anna Blake: Only go as far as the beginning of anxiety and stop there. Release it while it’s still just a flash of an idea.

Edie Bayer: In this dream, I saw several horses with riders, lined up in a row. I got the impression that they are a team, lining up for the start of some type of a horse show or other kind of contest, like the Olympics. I am unable to see the riders faces but with heads bowed, in unison, the riders all make a hand-signal, passing their hands over their heads. It looked like the signal for “cutting off” something, using their hand as a knife or a sword.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles: “No!” roared the priest. “I prefer to die as a Jew. Enough of this double life. This is the moment of truth.” Now that he had recovered himself, the words were quickly tumbling from his mouth. “I am prepared to die, but as a Jew.”

Anna Blake: Words matter. Negative corrections aren’t effective. Yelling “NO!” is a dead end. It isn’t instructive to horse or human. It’s right up there with yelling “Don’t be afraid!” or “Quit grabbing the reins!” or “Stop running!” Telling yourself or your horse what to not do is like trying to deny reality. Instead, create a new reality by using simple, clean, positive words like “Walk on.” “Breathe.” “Well done.” In other words…

Marybeth Bishop: Seed work is work for the dark. It is growth to be entrusted to soil that I did not make; enriched by the work—the lives, the words, the acts, the deaths—of others who came before, broken down and blended into a rich dark compost; watered from clouds I cannot form; floating in Heavens I cannot reach.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The larger question remains however, “Why may only the ordained clergy preach at Mass?”

Brat: Did you hear something?

Marybeth Bishop: We are all groaning in labor pains, along with the entire earth.

Rabbi YY Jacobson: Today we all need to be Josephs.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles: In Spain, the king’s advisor learns the meaning of “Hear O Israel.

Pastor Bruce Zachary: “The Plot to Kill the King”

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles: At moments when he was alone, a heavy sigh would push through his lips…

Rabbi YY Jacobson: See, for example, the extraordinarily dramatic poem by Rabbi Yehudah Halevi (12th century Spain), “Zion will you not seek the welfare of your prisoners?”

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: There are some strong arguments now, however, to allow lay people to preach. Firstly, more lay people than ever before are theologically trained. Lots of lay folks have Master’s degrees in theology and above. Should they not be allowed to preach? Furthermore, the quality of preaching by the Catholic clergy is (errmmm) not always of the highest caliber…When you add to this the number of foreign priests we now have who get up to preach and what they say might be wonderful, but no one can understand them, wouldn’t it make sense for qualified lay people to be authorized to preach?

Brat: Hello Kitty! Are you going to pull Excalibur out of the stone?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: In the Anglican Church we had a great group of people called “lay readers”. They were men and women who had received a recognizable level of theological and pastoral training and they were authorized to preach, teach and take occasional services like funerals or morning and evening prayer if required.

Monk: The Anglicans said I was called, but didn’t know what to call me. Can you blame them?

Anna Blake: Think rhythm. All good things for horses happen rhythmically: chewing, walking, breathing. All bad things come with a break in rhythm: bucking, bolting, spooking. Good riding for the horse means rhythm so that’s your first concern.

Garris Elkins: What if all the complicated definitions of a five-fold ministry are really about a function and not a style or system? What if these gifts of the Holy Spirit, with their multiple expressions, actually came down to one simple thing: helping equip and train us to know how to speak the truth in love in our unique life-assignment in culture? I’d like to suggest it is that simple.

Me (from “Meow” 4 Aug 2013 [!]): Well, we’re [spiritually] pregnant ripe right NOW!

Echo: “If it is the Lord, it will come to pass.”

Me: Ok. Push, God! Push! We, ourselves, are no more than spiritual midwives. Lord, I’m sure glad You are doing something, because we humans don’t or can’t. Give birth, God! Kitty Paw to the cats of power.[1] Go Francis! Rock on! Pope Francis seems to be the only one who really “gets” Christ’s mission, so God bless him! He’s got the gift of wisdom. Heaven only knows, it takes wisdom to “herd cats”! The great and mysterious “They” don’t seem to like my “catnip.” They seem to be forever checking it suspiciously for poison. I don’t get it. But we find what we’re looking for even when it’s not there…

Marybeth Bishop: In the meantime we tend the soil. Good soil is deep. Dark. It smells at once rotten and enticing. It is alive with decay. It is our job to be alive with decay, to hold these things deep in our gross hearts. It is our job to provide the dark and quiet inside, to water with tears and sacraments and grace, and allow things to settle and decompose and be loosened and de-clumped. It is our job to groan with labor pains.

Rabbi YY Jacobson: Ashamed To Defend Their Home
Why Moses was Denied Entry into the Holy Land

Marybeth Bishop: During a particularly difficult stretch with one of our daughters who has special needs, I threw myself fervently at God. I attempted to bring her closer to God, but only seemed to be making things worse. So as I continued going to Bible study, I began studying the Bible more intensely at home. I scrutinized it. I read every footnote and said my rosaries and novenas.

Anna Blake: Next time, take a few steps. You don’t need to feel like you’re alone on the high dive… ask your ground coach to click on a lead rope and walk beside you and your horse to start. Take baby steps so everyone succeeds. There is no shame in working as a team. Then climb off before you want to.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The meaning of the Mass is encapsulated in the words the priest says as he pours the water and wine into the sacred chalice: “Through the mystery of this water and wine may we come to share in Christ’s divinity who humbled himself to share in our humanity.”

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles: “Water!” the invalid rasped in a whispery voice. The astounded doctors, who had given up the unconscious man for dead, were shocked to hear his voice again. The priest, who had taken his final confession, turned pale. Had a miracle taken place?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Miracles? Nah.

Pastor Bruce Zachary: A cross reference from Luke gives us insight into what was driving the religious leaders: ”And the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might kill Him, for they feared the people” – Luke 22:2. “The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.” – Proverbs 29:25. The religious leaders fear of man was a byproduct of their resistance to Jesus’ authority.  The Scriptures regularly contrast fearing God (submitting to His authority) with fearing man (1 Samuel 15:24, Luke 12:4-5). When we are driven by the fear of man, we will be resistant to the authority of God.  When we are driven by a healthy fear of God, we will be increasingly less affected by what people say and think about us.

Anna Blake: Think less about whether he’s right or wrong, and more about what your senses are telling you. Practice being less complacent. What are his ears saying? Use all your senses to “listen” to your horse. Soften your visual focus by using peripheral vision to see a wider view of your surroundings. In other words…

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles: The priest sat frozen, his face registering shock and terror that his secret had been uncovered by the king’s advisor.

Anna Blake: Find a good ground coach. Someone who is calm and breathes well. Then take tiny challenges, one after another. Slow and steady, throw your leg over and sit in the saddle at the mounting block. Breathe and feel your thigh muscles. They might need some air, too. Remember you love your horse and melt what is frozen. Dismount without taking a step and call it a win.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: It is necessary to get away from the utilitarian understanding of the Mass. The Mass is not a pep rally for people to sing songs and hear a speech about how to be nicer people and make the world a better place. The Mass is not just a cheerful fellowship gathering where we all hold hands and try to raise one another’s self esteem. The Mass is not a political rally in which we learn about our particular ideology to change the world. The Mass is not just a religious lecture with bread and wine and it is not an RCIA class with hymns.

Anna Blake: This is the secret: Remember that science says that a horse’s response time is seven times quicker than ours? While they come apart ridiculously fast, they can also come back together quickly, if we ask them to. Humans believe in a snowball effect; if the horse shakes his head or any other small infraction, the inevitable end is a trainwreck.

Rabbi YY Jacobson: “An Egyptian man” was the way they described Moses. In other words, Moses allowed them to get the impression that he was Egyptian. Moses did not necessarily tell them he was an Egyptian; he merely didn’t protest their impression of him as such.  [Exodus 2:19]

Anna Blake: It isn’t true. If you take a breath as soon as you feel anxiety in your horse, and he will do the same. Other days, your horse might notice you go tense and blow his breath out so loud that you hear it and take his cue.

Marybeth Bishop: I planted my seed in a clear plastic cup. I wrestled with my faith, observed and observed and observed it, expecting it to burst forth and show me things, and then to grow and give me things. Feed me. Fill my belly and make me feel full and happy and content and pleased, maybe even a little sleepy. Let me chart my progress with pride, to prove I’ve Done It Right.

Rabbi YY Jacobson: He who acknowledged his land, will be buried in the land; he who did not acknowledge his land, will not be buried in the land. Joseph acknowledged the land; Moses did not.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The priest and deacon are ordained and set apart from the laity for this reason: to help incarnate Christ in the world through their own person and through their own vocation. This is why the catechism teaches that one of the ways to objectively know that you have encountered the risen Lord is “in the person of the priest.”

Brat: And what about my vocation? I’m an Anchoress! I have encountered the risen Lord. We had a mystical marriage on 14 May 2008. You’re the priest. Isn’t one of the hallmarks of a marriage to be able to talk about it?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Lay people can’t do that in the same way, and that’s why they are not permitted to preach at Mass.

Brat: What? I’m not asking to do it in the same way, nor am I asking to preach at Mass! I’m asking Jesus to open the scroll! (Rev 5:4) Are you listening to anything I’ve been saying?

Garris Elkins: Reformers are nailing the demands for transformation to the door of our current expression of the Church. These reformers are not the enemy. They are prophets announcing the way forward. Leave the sanctuary of the status quo and bravely go to the front door of your spiritual experience. Read what the reformers have posted. What they are asking us to consider will reveal our future and eventually, it will become the record of our history.


Marybeth Bishop: Seeds fall. They are scattered. They do not have legs. The seeds? They hope to be buried and drowned and kept in the dark, nourished by the surrounding decay and squirm and scuttle. They bear fruit they do not see. They groan in labor.

Wendy Alec: Beloved, I watched as Jesus picked up the one who was lying weary and completely unable to help themselves. Oh how tenderly He held her and kissed her forehead and gently removed the spear from her heart. Then as her eyes flickered open, although she had so very little strength, she smiled through her tears in relief at the Lover of her soul.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: This is why they are ordained. NOT just to be a social worker in black. Not just to be a theology teacher in a collar. Not just to be a spiritual director or a parish administrator or a fund raiser.

Anna Blake: It’s a partnership; sometimes we carry them and sometimes they carry us. It doesn’t matter who starts it. Just so we all come home safe.

Wendy Alec: And I watched as Jesus placed the tired, wounded-weary one on His steed and she leaned her head on His back as He rode to the front of the battle. And as they rode, they passed angelic hosts with oils and liniments who rode alongside and ministered to the wounded princess’ heart and mind. And slowly she regained her strength. Until by the time they reached the frontline, she was riding the steed herself. Her head held high, brandishing her sword. And Jesus was gone.

Anna Blake: Remember where the two of you started and celebrate your progress. Know there will be setbacks ahead and let this time be precious.

K Albert Little: Did the Reformers, 1,500 years after the founding of Jesus’s Church suddenly come upon something new from God? Did God finally, after 1,500 years, reveal what He really meant when He instituted Holy Communion?

Marybeth Bishop: But when we wait in silence, in stillness, in darkness, the water will slowly seep down and touch our shell, softening it. And the nutrients within the filth seep in through the newly softened shell. We need to let the seeds do their thing, to split open and turn themselves inside out, spewing their guts to go on living larger and farther and more fruitful than one would think possible by looking at the small, hard, smooth, dry thing that was buried.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Now the reason for preaching being reserved to priests and deacons becomes clear. At the Mass the priest and the deacon stand in persona Christi. They represent Christ symbolically and liturgically. One as Christ the priest. The other as Christ the Servant. When they read and preach the gospel therefore they are exercising not only a teaching function, but a liturgical function. They are incarnating Christ the Teacher and Christ the Servant to the people.

Brat: Did you hear the rooster crow?




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