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Working Dates: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 to Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Manichaeism = an old religion that breaks everything down into good or evil. It also means “duality,” so if your thinking is Manichean, you see things in black and white.[1]

Father Antonio Spadaro: Together with political Manichaeism, another relevant phenomenon is the passage from original puritan pietism, as expressed in Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, to the “Theology of Prosperity” that is mainly proposed in the media and by millionaire pastors and missionary organizations with strong religious, social and political influence. They proclaim a “Prosperity Gospel” for they believe God desires his followers to be physically healthy, materially rich and personally happy.

Martin B. Copenhaver: Then Jesus told them a parable: “The land of a rich man produced abundantly. And he thought to himself, ‘What should I do, for I have no place to store my crops?’ Then he said, ‘I will do this: I will pull down my barns and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry.’ But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your soul is required of you.'” – Luke 12:16-20

Matthew Laney (in “Run, Pony, Run!” 14 July 17): Meanwhile, we know dentists cannot put fillings in their own teeth, a hairstylist cannot adequately do his own hair and a surgeon cannot operate on herself. We cannot baptize ourselves or serve ourselves communion, but we still struggle to admit we can only be restored by surrendering to a Presence larger and wiser than ourselves.

Brat: Where’s the barn?

Hooves pounding the earth.

Matthew 13:30 Let both of them grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Collect the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.'”

Brat (16 July 17): Probably the most poignant thing I heard Pastor John Tolle say this morning in his sermon was in a story he told. He and Rosemary were newbie pastors in San Mateo, CA. The Church Board told him “Our job is to keep you poor, so you’ll pray more.”


Lana Vawser: Pure Waters Coming Out of the Shaking Caused By the Haman Spirit!

Brat (in “Rat” 16 July 17): Hmmm…Lord, I lift that up to You. That, too, feels prophetic. “Our job is to keep you poor, so you’ll pray more” feels like a kingpin statement that could unlock the rest of the Churches to bring in their gifts into this conversation. But there is nothing that I (personally) can do or say to stir their hearts. Lead me, God. Pastor John is right when he says that he serves beyond us. (And so do I.) I won’t be able to see how You are knitting the story together until You show me.

Yosef Marcus: In the Second Temple era, however, the sins were not related to the seven negative traits but only to senseless hatred. This was the negativity of Midian, which is not one of the seven nations and is a subtler evil.

(In “Rat” 16 July 17): Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 9:06 am         Journal: Parked at Pleasant Valley Park. I was sitting under a tree on the patio of the old abandoned library with my back to the brick wall. I was talking to God – listening, actually, more than talking – and a quick movement caught the corner of my eye. I moved my head in its direction. At the base of the wall was a hole made for drainage. Sticking out of the small hole was a huge, LONG RAT TAIL! It must have been a foot long! Immediately I thought of Ezekiel 12. I’ve never, ever seen a rat at this solitude spot before, and I spent 3 ½ years here before God launched me. The rat paused for several seconds. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand…six one thousand. Blink. He was gone…

Fr Dwight Longenecker: As readers of this blog will know, I’ve got plenty of criticisms about my fellow Americans, but we’ve got pluck, guts and a “don’t tread me spit in your eye” attitude that is the best answer to ignorance and arrogance.

Brat (in “Rat” 16 July 17): My “knower” knew this was prophetic. There is a “rat” in my camp. And I cannot touch him, because he is ordained by God.

Pastor Gary Dunahoo: How did he get that way? See, his arrogance made it impossible for him to have true leadership. Though he had leadership skills, he didn’t have the ethos; he didn’t have the leadership character. He couldn’t command respect. He needed time in the desert.

Fr Dwight Longenecker: An ignorant person can be educated. An arrogant person can be lowered, but a person who is ignorant and arrogant is unassailable.

Rabbi Curt Landry: What is the warning here?

Fr Dwight Longenecker: The problem is that the authors are commenting on something they don’t know about from personal experience. It’s all theory from a few books they’ve read and perhaps a few conversations with fellow intellectuals in some coffee shop in Europe.

Bible Gateway: It’s like being there.

Fr Dwight Longenecker: But there is a reason for Spadaro to create this straw man. He wants to create a scarecrow that is scary. By creating this imaginary creature “the American Catholic Integralist” he has given a label to all the Catholic conservatives he wishes to demonize.

Yosef Marcus: The sin of senseless hatred…is subtler and more difficult to correct….

Ephesians 6: 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

Fr Dwight Longenecker: This follows the usual routine of conflict: 1. Generalize about your enemy. 2. Imagine they are organized 3.Create a name for this shadowy group  4. Demonize them 5. Marginalize them 6. Exclude them 7.Get rid of them. 8. Feel good about it.

Lana Vawser: Some generational giants many of you have been fighting are going to die once and for all this week!!!

Brat (in “Rat” 16 July 17): Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 4:30 pm Journal: Lord, if this was Pastor John’s young experience, then how would he know how to pass along a different experience to me? I pray for him and ask for refreshment for him. Show him (and us) how Your kingdom really works. I know he said that the church never provided and ultimately a member of the flock gave him a car (not the board). He doesn’t know the Church to be kind or trustworthy. (And neither do I.) But I believe You are setting us up to show us the card You have up Your sleeve. This is gonna be good. You don’t do anything mediocre. And as he said, “I pastor beyond us.”

Fr Dwight Longenecker: Fr de Souza has analyzed it brilliantly over at CRUX. His juicy observation about the article is that “It does not rise to the level of mediocrity”

Pastor Gary Dunahoo: He’s a shepherd in the desert. His career has gone nowhere. He doesn’t have a people. He’s a leader of scrub brushes and sheep, so it looks like his whole life is a ruin because he tried to do the right thing. The way the chapter ends, the people of Israel are crying out under their bondage, and Moses’ career is at a total dead end. It looks like he tried to do the right thing, and where did it get him? That’s how the chapter ends. What did we learn?

Brat: Pastor John IS a shepherd in the desert! He used to be a pastor to pastors. I bet he even pastored you. His career crashed for doing the right thing. Now he’s a leader of scrub brushes and sheep. His career looked like it was at a total dead end. And the people of Israel are still crying out under their bondage.

Rabbi Avi Baumol: Psalm 28:1 [A Psalm] of David. Unto thee, O LORD, do I call; my Rock, be not Thou deaf unto me; lest, if Thou be silent unto me, I become like them that go down into the pit.

Genesis 28:13 And the LORD stood beside him and said, “I am the LORD, the God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac; the land on which you lie I will give to you and to your offspring;

Richard L. Floyd: On the other hand I fear that sites like Facebook offer the illusion of friendship without the substance. I have several hundred “friends” on Facebook, but how many are really friends?

BIN Promotion: What does “Zion” mean in Hebrew?

Fr Dwight Longenecker: I can tell you from experience that an awful lot of Americans are pretty darned ignorant. This is not to say they are stupid. Its to observe that they just don’t know stuff. They are poorly educated and inexperienced about the rest of the world. For the most part they are ignorant but not arrogant.

Rick Joyner: When I served on an aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy, we were told that there was enough firepower on our ship to destroy all life on earth. In the entire U.S. Navy, there was enough to destroy the world twenty-five times or more. That did not include the Air Force’s capabilities with its nuclear bombers and ballistic missiles. Neither did it include the arsenals of our Cold War adversaries or allies. Winston Churchill lamented that mankind had grown in its destructing capabilities to the point where we could destroy the entire world, but had not grown in the corresponding wisdom or character to handle this power.

Fr Dwight Longenecker: It reminds me of the crusty WW2 veteran who happened to be visiting France. He endured a long tirade from some young liberal about the stupidities and crassness of Americans.

The vet said, “Scuse me. Do you speak German?”

The Frenchman said, “Non.”

The vet said, “You’re welcome.”

Monk: Hah! Good one!

Brat (in “Rat” 16 July 17): Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, God! Come be with me! Please give me wisdom!

Lana Vawser: God is significantly increasing and releasing discernment right now especially in dreams at night. He is growing His people in discernment. He is exposing the hand of the enemy and the ways the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy in such subtle ways to even make it “seem” like it’s the Lord’s voice.

Brat (17 July 17): I just had a nightmare that I’m still trying to recover from where a long-time friend fell into the bottomless abyss.

Rabbi Avi Baumol: In this verse, King David declares that if the Lord remains silent to his request he will die. The metaphor he uses for death is descent into a pit. Genesis 37 describes the descent of Joseph into a pit at the suggestion of Reuben. The sages explain that though the pit was empty of water, it was filled with snakes and scorpions and, by Jewish law, Joseph would be considered dead because of the extreme danger of the situation. However, the verse says that Reuben was actually saving Joseph from his brothers by throwing him into the pit (verse 21), while the sages criticize Judah for taking Joseph out of the pit and selling him into slavery. Rabbi Chaim Ickovitz explains that living in the Land of Israel, even surrounded by snakes and scorpions, is better than living outside the Land of Israel.

Henry Karlson: Some brothers came to find Abba Anthony to tell him about the visions they were having, and to find out from him if they were true or if they came from the demons. They had a donkey which died on the way. When they reached the place where the old man was, he said to them before they could ask him anything, “How was is that the little donkey died on the way here?” They said, “How do you know about that, Father?” And he told them, “The demons shewed me what happened.” So they said, “That was what we came to question you about, for fear we were being deceived, for we have visions which often turn out to be true.” Thus the old man convinced them, by the example of the donkey, that their visions came from the demons.[1] [2]

Rick Joyner: For the power of the horses is in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails are like serpents and have heads, and with them they do harm.

The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, so as not to worship demons, and the idols of gold and of silver and of brass and of stone and of wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk;

and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their immorality nor of their thefts. (Revelation 9:19-21)

Father Antonio Spadaro: So, then the Christian roots of a people are never to be understood in an ethnic way. The notions of roots and identity do not have the same content for a Catholic as for a neo-Pagan. Triumphalist, arrogant and vindictive ethnicism is actually the opposite of Christianity. The pope on May 9 in an interview with the French daily La Croix, said: “Yes Europe has Christian roots. Christianity has the duty of watering them, but in a spirit of service as in the washing of feet. The duty of Christianity for Europe is that of service.” And again: “The contribution of Christianity to a culture is that of Christ washing the feet, or the service and the gift of life. There is no room for colonialism.”

To Thyatira: Revelation 2: 19 I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first.

Pastor Gary Dunahoo: When Moses killed the Egyptian he was functioning as an Israelite, but he’s thinking like a pagan. He means well, but there’s a pride, there’s an arrogance, and there’s also a temper. He doesn’t have control of his temper. He has, in some ways, the heart of an Israelite, and yet he kills somebody. Now when he realizes the Egyptian has rejected him, and the Israelites have rejected him (they’re not going to follow him; naked power doesn’t win their hearts), he has a choice. He can go to Pharaoh and say what happened. He could make up a story, and Pharaoh would not have become upset, because as I said, that’s just the way royal people acted all the time.

Fr Dwight Longenecker: I could tell you stories until the lights go out about the uppity English and their ignorant, arrogant attitudes about America and Americans.

Pastor John Tolle: Devil attacks are courage killers. Be armored of God. If not the devil will sap your courage. Put on the WHOLE armor of God, not just peace.

Ephesians 6: 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Pastor John Tolle: Use the armor to encourage yourself in the Lord. In the midst of battle we often get hardened. If someone treats you bad, we harden our hearts. We think the hardness is justified, but the Lord wants to heal our broken hearts.

Rick Joyner: The ultimate answer to all of our troubles is for man to turn back to God. As Revelation reveals, the great troubles coming on the world do not generally cause man to turn to God. Rather, they harden their hearts in rebellion, only increasing the troubles. Even so, the bondservants of the Lord that are being sealed will also have impact, as we will see. We can expect the winds to be released and the devastation to increase at some point, but there will be great lights in the darkness and “cities” of refuge from the devastation that in some cases will be nations of refuge.

(In “Run, Pony, Run” 14 July 17): Hmmm…Thyatira may dash to pieces with her authority, but it is Pergamum who stands before Jesus. He has the double-edged sword. The Word is Truth. Truth must be tempered in mercy, not “turn or burn.” Mercy is what tempers God’s wrath.

“He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.” (Rev 19:15)

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. (Mt 5:7)

Anna Blake: I think it’s the best we can hope for from a horse; to find a bit of grace for our loud and rude ways. Perhaps he hopes that one day humans might learn to communicate.

Eric Church: “Kill a Word”: []

If I could kill a word and watch it die
I’d poison “never,” shoot goodbye
Beat “regret” when I felt I had the nerve
Yeah, I’d pound “fear” to a pile of sand
Choke “lonely” out with my bare hands
I’d hang “hate” so that it can’t be heard
If I could only kill a word

I’d take “brokeness” out back
And break “heartbreak,” stand there and laugh
Right in its face while shootin’ it the bird
I’d put “upset” down in its place
I’d squeeze the life out of “disgrace”
Lay “over” under six cold feet of dirt
If I could only kill a word
If I could only kill a word

Give me sticks, give stones
Bend my body, break my bones
Use staff and rod to turn me black and blue
Cause you can’t unhear, you can’t unsay
But if it were up to me to change
I’d turn “lies” and “hate” to “love” and “truth”
If I could only kill a word

I’d knock out “temptation”‘s teeth
I’d sever “evil,” let it bleed
Then light up “wicked,” stand and watch it burn
I’d take “vice” and I’d take “vile”
Tie ’em up there with “hostile”
Hang ’em high and leave ’em for the birds
If I could only kill a word

So give me sticks, give stones
Bend my body, break my bones
Use staff and rod to turn me black and blue
Cause you can’t unhear, you can’t unsay
But if were up to me to change
I’d turn “lies” and “hate” to “love” and “truth”
If I could only kill a word
If I could only kill a word [3]

Revelation 19: 21 The rest were killed with the sword coming out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.


Rick Joyner: We must not be afraid to stand out from the darkness. This is our time to stand, as the great saints have in every age.

Brat (in “Rat” 16 July 17): I lay this in Your holy grace space, Lord, for You to use to open the reservoir gates. Pastor John admonished us NOT to sit on our reservoirs, but to open the faucets to let the waters of the Holy Spirit flow.

Henry Karlson: This, then, should serve as our example when dealing with mystical experiences. If we have some fantastic vision, some exciting spiritual encounter, we should distrust it. If it is something which continues happening to us, we should seek out a spiritual director, and heed their advice; if there is goodness and truth in what we are receiving, our detached humility will only allow us to receive it better; if there is any deception coming to us, either attached to some real good or creating the illusion of some good, we will not heed it, nor will we be harmed by whatever evil intent lay behind the deception. Truly, humility is the way past prelest [spiritual deception]. “The reward for humility and fear of the LORD is riches and honor and life” (Prov. 22:4 RSV).

Brat (in “Rat” 16 July 17): Pastor talked about the “motivational gifts” from Romans 12:4-13. Not all members have the same function. (Neither do Churches, and that tied in with what I was talking about in “Run, Pony, Run!”) The seven motivational gifts are:

  1. Prophecy
  2. Ministry (serving)
  3. Teaching
  4. Exhortation (encouragement, speaking the truth, building up)
  5. Giving
  6. Leading
  7. Mercy

In General Stilwell’s biography, President FDR says, “It’s a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you’re trying to lead—and find no one there.” (p 177) Pastor John is trying to lead. I’m trying to show mercy. But whoever heard of a prophet that shows mercy? O well, I give it to You, God. You’re the One that called me. I didn’t call myself.

(Echo): “Our job is to keep you poor, so you’ll pray more.”

Rick Joyner: So the most important thing we can do to prepare for these times is to:

1) ARISE. Stand up for the truth and never retreat before the darkness.

2) SHINE with His glory.

Father Antonio Spadaro: In this theological vision, natural disasters, dramatic climate change and the global ecological crisis are not only not perceived as an alarm that should lead them to reconsider their dogmas, but they are seen as the complete opposite: signs that confirm their non-allegorical understanding of the final figures of the Book of Revelation and their apocalyptic hope in a “new heaven and a new earth.”

Rick Joyner: We have been in the most precarious place for a long time, with the most destructive conflicts of all time seeming to cascade down upon the world. Then something changed. The trend was toward increasingly devastating conflicts, and though we have had wars since World War II, they were contained and restrained. Could this be anything but the time when the Lord sends His angels to hold back the four winds of the earth until His bondservants are sealed, as told in Revelation 7? If this is true, then the sealing of the bondservants of God is the most important event taking place at this time.

Pastor Gary Dunahoo: What does it mean to give your life to Him? It means to stop saying, “I’m the center of the universe.” It means to stop saying, “God, I want everything to go my way. I have an agenda. I have a way in which I think the world ought to go.

BIN Promotions and Israel 365: Murder on the Temple Mount! Please Help!

Brat: What are they doing in the double meaning of things?

Abra Forman: Islamic Waqf’s Sovereignty on Temple Mount Is “Over” [4]

Rabbi Curt Landry: An idolatrous image was placed in the Holy Temple by opposing forces as a brazen act of blasphemy and desecration.

Father Antonio Spadaro: Religion at this point becomes a guarantor of order and a political part would incarnate its needs. The appeal to the apocalypse justifies the power desired by a god or colluded in with a god. And fundamentalism thereby shows itself not to be the product of a religious experience but a poor and abusive perversion of it.

Microsoft Rewards: Kathryn, extra points for wearing a cape…

Patheos: Spiritual Deception, Scapegoats, and When Compliments Become Creepy

Jewish Journal: B.S. detectors at the Temple Mount

Henry Karlson: Humility Protects Us From Spiritual Deception

Fr Dwight Longenecker: In other words, use a scarecrow to create a scapegoat.

Pastor Gary Dunahoo: The way of salvation is filled with betrayal, rejection & pain…..but God takes it all and uses it for our good WHEN we love Him with all our heart, mind, soul & strength.

Henry Karlson: Prelest, spiritual deception, is one of the grave dangers, which we consistently encounter on the path of salvation. Insofar as our intellect remains darkened by the stain of sin, we find ourselves pulled in by the siren cries of error. What leads us to sin, what pleasure and good which we see in the sin, is the foundation by which sin deludes us, and then whatever comes in accord with that delusion, is able to reinforce it and lead us further astray. We do not need anything external to ourselves to lead us astray: our intellect, darkened by the stain of sin, is able to take its ignorance as the foundation for its reasoning and come to poor conclusions as a result.

Rabbi Curt Landry: Pray with me: Lord, we decree and declare that this time of the Dire Straits are renamed as the time of Divine Opportunity. Lord we speak protection over all of Israel and we speak protection over our nation. We speak protection over the persecuted Church all over the world. We deny the right of the enemy in the nations to attack the temple of God. We decree and declare, and we intercede for God’s Body of Christ on earth. For God so loved the Church that He gave His only begotten Son. Thank You Lord that in the year of 5777 that there will be no curse and no cause for the Dire Straits to manifest. In Yeshua’s Name…Amen!

Rick Joyner: Our Time to Stand: The Book of Revelation

Lana Vawser: I felt the Lord saying, “Any indecision will hinder the manifestation of Heaven’s vision.” The Lord is asking for His people to stand and DECIDE. Decide that no matter what He does, no matter how He decides to move, “if I perish, I perish” (see Esther 4:16). A resolve that says, “NO MATTER WHAT, I choose to serve You, Lord.” That deep call of surrender and yieldedness is upon the Body of Christ and the nation of Australia.

Genesis 28:14 and your offspring shall be like the dust of the earth, and you shall spread abroad to the west and to the east and to the north and to the south; and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you and in your offspring.

Brat (in “Run, Pony, Run!” 14 July 17): So, what do the Seven Churches have in common?

Perseverance: Ephesus (Rev 2:2) and Thyatira (2:19)

Poverty: Smyrna (Rev 2:9) and Laodicea (Rev 3:17)

Strength: Sardis has the reputation for being strong. (Rev 3:1-2)

Ryan LeStrange: My Monday Word for You…Coming Glory Storms (prophetic word)

[Pant. Pant.]

Hooves pounding the earth.

Philly has little strength but endures patiently. (Rev 3:8)

The sword: Pergamum (Rev 2:12)

Rick Joyner: We must keep in mind that as the times get darker, we are promised the revealing of the Lord’s glory. Ultimately, all of the nations will come to the rising of the Lord’s people, as we see in Isaiah 60:1-3:

“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

“For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples, but The Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.

“The nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.”

Father Antonio Spadaro: [Pope] Francis radically rejects the idea of activating a Kingdom of God on earth as was at the basis of the Holy Roman Empire and similar political and institutional forms, including at the level of a “party.” Understood this way, the “elected people” would enter a complicated political and religious web that would make them forget they are at the service of the world, placing them in opposition to those who are different, those who do not belong, that is the “enemy.”

Fr Dwight Longenecker: When will these people learn that not all conservatives are Wal-Mart shoppers with a gun rack in their pick up?

Pastor Gary Dunahoo: The midwives lied to Pharaoh and God commends them. Why? What’s so interesting is when a human government commands what God forbids or forbids what God commands, we are duty bound to obey God rather than them. Christians have always been strange-looking people to all the political ideologues of the world. Here’s why. In Romans 13, Paul says Christians submit to and respect the governing authorities because behind and above the governing authorities is the authority of God. The state is not a human invention; it’s a divine invention, and God’s authority is behind and above it.

Rick Joyner: This being said, safety is not found in a place, but in a Person. The safest place is in the will of God, regardless of our geographical location. The Lord Himself is our fortress.

Brat (in “Run, Pony, Run” 14 July 17): Jesus bore my stripes and by Him I am healed. (Isa 53:5) What does this have to do with a barn to rest from all the perseverance?



Pastor Gary Dunahoo: Moses & Jesus triumphed through losing and so will you. Honestly, many times obeying God looks like a death. For some it looks like the end of your career. For others it looks like the end of their love life.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker (in “Run, Pony, Run” 14 July 17): But the real reason to learn about sin is very practical. Sin is whatever we do or do not do which hinders us from entering heaven. Heaven is not the reward for being good. Heaven is the result of becoming good. In other words, heaven is the final destination for people who, through a life of repentance, faith and faith-full good works have become perfected by God’s grace. Heaven is their home. It is where they belong.

Brat: So heavenly-minded that we’re no earthly good?

Where’s the barn where I can perfect the talent that came by God’s grace?

[Pant. Pant.]

Hooves pounding the earth.

Thyatira and Ephesus kiss through the lattice.

Anna Blake: Instead, let the air rest. It’s easier to listen then. Be curious in silence.

Brat: There is no conversation with a leopard.

Fr Dwight Longenecker: The article is a classic example of the progressive passive-aggressive tactics. The talk is all about sweetness and light and tolerance and being nice, but while they smile they stab and while they kiss they twist the knife.

Father Antonio Spadaro: Theirs is a prophetic formula: fight the threats to American Christian values and prepare for the imminent justice of an Armageddon, a final showdown between Good and Evil, between God and Satan. In this sense, every process (be it of peace, dialogue, etc.) collapses before the needs of the end, the final battle against the enemy. And the community of believers (faith) becomes a community of combatants (fight). Such a unidirectional reading of the biblical texts can anesthetize consciences or actively support the most atrocious and dramatic portrayals of a world that is living beyond the frontiers of its own “promised land.”

(In “Run, Pony, Run” 14 July 17): The Promised Land remains in the promises.

[Pant. Pant.]

Hooves pounding the earth.

The blood is dripping worse. But the pain has subsided.

Rabbi Curt Landry: “For I am bringing you into proper alignment with your calling and your purpose—because you have asked Me to, I am delivering. Even the enemy did not expect Me to deliver during the days of the Dire Straits, but the enemy’s ways are not My ways. For My ways are higher than those of the enemy’s or the ways of man.

Pastor John Tolle: We are His workmanship. You are a poem, a work of art. His image. His piece of work. You are a piece of work!


Pastor Gary Dunahoo: If the scenery in your window looks like you’re in a desert; don’t you believe it. God will draw you out, and He will deliver you to make you a deliverer. You are His workmanship; He is preparing you. Believe He can take everything in your life and weave it together to make you someone who can do something for Him. Just because you’re in the middle of the story doesn’t mean you should despair. Think of the One who, when He was in the desert, when He was in the garden, when He was in despair, did not go back but said, “… thy will be done.” Look what God did through Him. What God did with Moses is what He can do with you.

Pastor John Tolle: You are a sculpted piece of work to do good works.

Father Antonio Spadaro: The religious element should never be confused with the political one. Confusing spiritual power with temporal power means subjecting one to the other. An evident aspect of Pope Francis’ geopolitics rests in not giving theological room to the power to impose oneself or to find an internal or external enemy to fight. There is a need to flee the temptation to project divinity on political power that then uses it for its own ends. Francis empties from within the narrative of sectarian millenarianism and dominionism that is preparing the apocalypse and the “final clash.”[2] Underlining mercy as a fundamental attribute of God expresses this radically Christian need.[5]

Brat (in “Rat” 16 July 17): Honestly, we still need an apostle. Pastors were not meant to do an apostle’s job. And neither does a prophet. We need a kind of man where “the buck stops here.” Of the Seven Churches, even if the Seven had the seven motivational gifts doled out among them (and upon reflection that is likely what God did, but I’ll have to go back and look at that some more), we’d still need a real apostle where the buck stops. That’s why God gave Offices. That’s why the pope is the pope. I’m not talking about the guys that are power hungry and call themselves apostles. I’m talking about the ones that come in and get out the rats.

Hmmm…the rat from this morning? God? Whatcha up to?

Rick Joyner: There are judgments of God and the wrath of God that is clear throughout the Scriptures. These seem to be the result of the extraordinary grace and mercy of God being exhausted. However, much of what is blamed on God is man’s doing, not God’s. All the troubles in history and our present are the result of mankind thinking that we could run this world without God. They could probably be more accurately called “the judgments of man.” These are the result of the law of sowing and reaping, and mankind has sown bad seed.

Matthew 13:37 He answered, “The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man

Brat (in “Run, Pony, Run!” 14 July 17): My love seeks to find the grace to hear past (and through) the loud and crude ways. Would that one day the humans might learn to communicate without shedding blood. Truth is whinnied in cookies of mercy, but is the mercy heard or just cloaked?

[Pant. Pant.]

Hooves pounding the earth.

Father Antonio Spadaro: This is why Francis is carrying forward a systematic counter-narration with respect to the narrative of fear. There is a need to fight against the manipulation of this season of anxiety and insecurity. Again, Francis is courageous here and gives no theological-political legitimacy to terrorists, avoiding any reduction of Islam to Islamic terrorism. Nor does he give it to those who postulate and want a “holy war” or to build barrier-fences crowned with barbed wire. The only crown that counts for the Christian is the one with thorns that Christ wore on high.[4]



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