4 Jun

Ascent of Safed: The Good of the Land “Israel: A Step Up”

Israel 365: We Want to Hear From YOU! ✡ “Brought Their Offering Before the Altar”

Rabbi Nathan Schapira: A simple stroll in the Land of Israel is compared to receiving atonement on the Altar.

Richard L. Floyd: For example, it is the Spirit that makes our meal of bread and cup more than a remembrance of a crucified Jesus, but a celebration of the living Christ still present among us. It is the Spirit who makes Jesus our contemporary.

Brat (from “Dragon” on 15 May 17): Lord Jesus, if Thyatira held up the crucifix that she’s been staring at, then maybe the dragon would follow Peter off the Mount of Olives, so Peter can finish his assignment, the books would be open, and mercy would be evident to all. But to do that, somebody would have to be listening in addition to God.

Monk: Everyone knows that dragons sit on their treasures!

Pope Francis: “Do not be ashamed of being a precious treasure of the Church.”

1 Peter 3:16 yet do it with gentleness and reverence. Keep your conscience clear, so that, when you are maligned, those who abuse you for your good conduct in Christ may be put to shame.

Rabbi Yaakov Beasley: (Ezekiel 28:3) Behold thou art wiser than Daniel! there is no secret that they can hide from thee!

Brat (in “Vocation” 30 May 17): Satan doesn’t really have secrets (Rev 2:24) – deep or otherwise. He just knows how to manipulate and distract to get our eyes off seeking God. Thyatira is vulnerable, because she doesn’t know how to ask open-ended questions. If she wants deep answers, she’ll have to learn from the Jews how to ask better questions.

Rabbi Yaakov Beasley: (Ezekiel 29:3) speak and say: Thus saith the Lord GOD: behold I am against thee Paroh King of Mitzrayim the great dragon that lieth in the midst of his rivers that hath said: My river is mine own and I have made it for myself.

Richard L. Floyd: God’s Spirit was there at the beginning and has never ceased God’s work of enlivening and inspiring. This same Spirit “spoke through the prophets.” And still speaks through men and women today.

Wanda Alger: There are generational mantles lying around that need to be picked up. They are the calls and gifts of God that have been nurtured through time in YOUR family, waiting for you and your descendants to complete. We are all on the same mission and each generation must do their part in fulfilling God’s assignment.

Brat: Thyatira knows this. The religious Churches call this “Vocation.”

Monk [in a stage whisper]: (That’s not a vacation!)

Brat: Although honoring the Sabbath would be a good start!

Meir Kay: A Wise Lesson in Empathy. With billions of us humans on earth it’s incredible to see how we are all connected and similar in many ways. At the same time we are all individuals with our own opinions, thoughts and values. Perhaps if we took a moment to step into the other person’s shoes we will see where that person is coming from and by doing so it will make all the difference.



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